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Tom Ellis: ‘The worst thing anyone’s said to me? “You are a disgrace of a man”’

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Born in Cardiff, Tom Ellis, 42, studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland). He appeared in the sitcom Miranda from 2009 per 2015. Since 2016, he has played the le...

‘A disgrace’: Australian government rejects visas for more than 100 former embassy staff in Afghanistan

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Più di 100 former Australian embassy staffers have been rejected for visas to Australia, despite many working there until the day it closed. Speaking from Kabul on Sunday, one security guard rejected for a visa for...

Wigan coach labels decisive Jake Mamo try ‘a disgrace’ after Warrington victory

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Sometimes it is simply about points, rather than performances. It would have been unreasonable to expect too much from Warrington here given that they have had just two training sessions since their last game more tha...

Boris Johnson’s failure to start Covid inquiry this year is a disgrace, says Sage adviser

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Boris Johnson’s failure to start a public inquiry into Covid this year is a disgrace that is all about “political manoeuvring” to protect his reputation, according to a leading scientific adviser to the government. L...

‘It’s a disgrace’: English fans in Italy scramble for tickets for Rome showdown

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English people living in Italy were left feeling frustrated, confused and disappointed as they scrambled to buy tickets for England’s Euro 2020 quarter-final match against Ukraine in Rome on Saturday, as Italian offic...

Joe Biden’s silence in the face of Israeli violence is a disgrace

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On Saturday, an Israeli air strike killed 10 people from the same extended family after missiles hit the family’s house in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza. A five-month-old baby, the sole survivor, was pulled out alive...

Fossil fuel subsidies are a ‘disgrace’, Greta Thunberg tells US House panel

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Subsidies given to fossil fuel companies are a “disgrace” and must be immediately ended, Greta Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist, has told a US congressional committee. A sweeping $2tn infrastructure plan put for...

‘It is a disgrace’: Lloris damning of Spurs defeat and claims togetherness lacking

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Hugo Lloris has said Tottenham’s shock Europa League exit after a 3-0 defeat at Dinamo Zagreb was a “disgrace” and reflected deeper issues at the club. Spurs were favourites to reach the quarter-finals after securing ...

Our prisons are a national disgrace

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Eva Wiseman is rightly impassioned by our inability as a country to summon the will to reform our creaking prison system (“Prison reform is slow, but could the will to change be growing?", Magazine). She draws our att...