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No Time to Die: the ending, the villain and the very big surprise – discuss with spoilers

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Daniel Craig is double-oh done. His services to Her Majesty are complete, and he’s not coming back as anything other than a flashback. Where No Time to Die sits in the grand ranking of James Bond films is now up to th...

Candyman: the politics, the gore, the ending – discuss with spoilers

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As surely as the sun keeps rising in the east, Hollywood will keep remaking horror classics to inconsistent returns, but there’s a better argument to be made for exhuming and reanimating 1992’s canonized Candyman than...

Swart weduwee: the femme power, the Bond movie stylings, the gender-swapping – discuss with spoilers

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What an unusual yet beguilingly brilliant Marvel movie Black Widow is. The Disney-owned saga’s USP is that everything is interlinked: each episode powers up the next, like nodes lighting up on a superhero circuit boar...