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Police chiefs to apologise for ‘racism, discrimination and bias’ in race plan

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Police chiefs will declare they are “ashamed” about racism remaining in law enforcement, and apologise for the “discrimination and bias” still plaguing forces in a new race plan launching next week. The plan from Nati...

Minneapolis police engaged in pattern of racial discrimination, ondersoek vind

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The Minneapolis police department has engaged in a pattern of racial discrimination for at least a decade, including stopping and arresting Black people at a higher rate than white people, using force more often on pe...

Russia’s Rublev accuses Wimbledon of ‘complete discrimination’ over ban

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Wimbledon has been warned it could face legal action from the Belarusian Tennis Federation after it was accused of acting illegally by banning Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s championships. The All Eng...

Two more NFL coaches join Brian Flores’ racial discrimination lawsuit

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Two more coaches have joined Brian Flores’s lawsuit against the NFL, which alleges the league “is racially segregated and is managed much like a plantation”. The updated lawsuit adds coaches Steve Wilks and Ray Horton...

Ex-P&O Ferries chef sues for unfair dismissal and racial discrimination

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A former P&O Ferries chef is suing the company for £76m over its decision to sack almost 800 staff without notice last month. John Lansdown, the only seafarer to launch a legal action, has filed a tribunal claim a...

Cricket faces discrimination ‘reckoning’, warns independent report chair

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Cricket is “facing a reckoning” as a result of the Azeem Rafiq affair and needs to take a long look in the mirror when it comes to discrimination, the chair of the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) h...

Cruz: Biden promise to put Black woman on supreme court is racial discrimination

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The Republican senator Ted Cruz complained on Sunday that Joe Biden’s promise to nominate a Black woman to the supreme court was an instance of racial discrimination – but also claimed the GOP would not drag the event...

Warren Entsch accused of failing to back Liberal MPs on religious discrimination amendments

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Warren Entsch has come under fire for abandoning an offer to help first-term Liberal MPs vote up religious discrimination bill amendments to protect LGBTQ+ students. A Liberal MP told Guardian Australia that Entsch ha...

Australië regstreekse nuusopdaterings: Victoria announces LGBTQ+ support package in wake of religious discrimination debate; ten minste 45 Covidsterftes

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Daniel Andrews announces LGBTQ+ support package; Victoria’s Covid rules under review, premier sê, as nation records least 45 Covid-related deaths; Scott Morrison condemns ‘bullying’ on Ukraine border; NSW premier ac...

The US supreme court is letting racist discrimination run wild in the election system

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The US supreme court, in a 5-4 besluit, used the ruse that it was too close to an election – three months away – to scrap a racially discriminatory, Republican-drawn legislative map in Alabama. A lower court had prev...

Australia politics news live updates: Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame to respond to Morrison apology; Labor’s religious discrimination dilemma

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Higgins and Tame will address the National Press Club a day after the prime minister’s apology to women harassed and assaulted in federal parliament – follow all the day’s news

Ex-president sues Human Rights Campaign, alleging racial discrimination

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The former president of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the US, filed a lawsuit on Thursday accusing the organization of racial discrimination in his firing last year, the Washington Pos...

UK government faces £150m bill over social welfare discrimination

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The UK government faces a £150m bill after a court confirmed tens of thousands of severely disabled people were discriminated against as a result of being left financially worse off after being moved on to universal c...

Kate Clanchy 'deel maatskappy' met uitgewer ná diskriminasie-ry

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Kate Clanchy en haar uitgewer Pan Macmillan sal nie meer saamwerk nie, en verspreiding van al haar titels sal ophou, na aanleiding van wydverspreide kritiek verlede somer op haar boek Some Kids I Taught and What Th...

Riot Games to pay $100m to settle gender discrimination lawsuit

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A leading video game maker, Riot Games, has agreed to pay $100m (£74m) to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit with California state agencies and more than 2,000 current and former female employees. Under the agreem...

Australia’s Omicron travel ban is ‘discrimination’, South African diplomat says

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Australia’s travel ban to several southern African countries due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant has been labelled as discriminatory by a senior diplomat. South Africa’s high commissioner to Australia, Marthinu...

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