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Photos from ‘beyond the grave’: camera discovery reveals climber’s last images before fatal avalanche

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When mountaineer Chris Hill found a backpack with an old camera in it on the Hooker Glacier – an 11km chunk of ice on New Zealand’s South Island – he was intrigued and decided to get the film inside developed. Hooker ...

Long Covid: rogue antibody discovery raises hope of blood test

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Scientists have raised hopes of a blood test for long Covid after discovering distinctive patterns of rogue antibodies in patients whose symptoms persisted for months. Researchers at Imperial College London identified...

Slough goes bankrupt after discovery of £100m ‘black hole’ in budget

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A third English local authority has declared itself effectively bankrupt after the discovery of a “catastrophic” £100m black hole in its budget – the result of what it admitted had been years of poor financial managem...

Latest First Nations discovery reveals 182 unmarked graves at Canada school

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A First Nations community in western Canada has discovered the remains of nearly 200 people on the grounds of a former residential school, adding to the growing tally of unmarked graves across the country. The Lower K...

Calls to find all Canada’s Indigenous mass graves after grim residential school discovery

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Indigenous groups in Canada are calling for a nationwide search for mass graves at residential school sites after the discovery of the remains of more than 200 children at one former school last week shocked the count...