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Lawyers challenge water firm’s immunity over sewage discharge

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Environmental campaigners are fighting to stop a water company being given almost total immunity from any private legal action for discharging untreated sewage into waterways. The Good Law Project (GLP) and the Enviro...

Covid: NHS in crisis mode as hospitals told to discharge patients where possible

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The NHS was put on a crisis footing tonight as hospitals in England were told to discharge as many patients as possible while estimated daily Omicron cases hit 200,000 and the variant claimed its first life in the UK....

Covid-toets bring die Tsjeggiese president ure na ontslag terug na die hospitaal

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Die na-verkiesingsdood in die Tsjeggiese Republiek is verder verleng nadat die land se president positief getoets het vir Covid-19 en ure nadat hy ontslaan is na die hospitaal teruggekeer 46 dae van lekkerte...

Martin Rowson on the easing of effluent discharge rules – cartoon

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Government eases sewage discharge rules amid chemical shortage

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Sewage treatment chemicals have been added to the growing list of products in short supply because of the UK’s chronic lorry driver shortage, dit het na vore gekom. The government has told wastewater plants they may be able ...