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Britain’s worst Christmas trees: is anything secretly more festive and fun than a disappointing fir?

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Naam: Disappointing Christmas trees. Height: As much as 25m. Voorkoms: Wel, this is the thing. Some are described as “rubbish” and “just shocking”, while others are “a bit of a joke” and – wait for it – “not very ...

‘Disappointing but not unexpected’: China climate goal leaves experts unsatisfied

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China has published its long-awaited national plan on greenhouse gas emissions, just days before the opening of the Cop26 UN climate summit. But the plan revealed on Thursday represents little progress on China’s prev...

China’s disappointing growth slowdown weighs on markets; oil hits new highs – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Former Scottish Greens leader criticises ‘disappointing’ agreement with SNP

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A former leader of the Scottish Greens has attacked the deal the party struck with Nicola Sturgeon’s government for failing to take tougher action on North Sea oil, marine protection and taxation. Robin Harper, the co...

AOC brands Kamala Harris’s comments to Guatemalan migrants “disappointing”

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Goeie more. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has condemned Kamala Harris for telling undocumented migrants from Guatemala not to come to the US – calling her comments “disappointing”. In her first foreign trip as vice-pres...

Mo Farah’s Tokyo hopes in balance after disappointing return to track

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Mo Farah is facing an uphill struggle to make his fourth Olympic Games after finishing eighth and failing to record the qualifying time for Tokyo at the European Cup in Birmingham. Farah, who was running his first 10,...

Keir Starmer under pressure from Labour left after ‘disappointing night’

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Keir Starmer is facing immediate pressure from the left of Labour to change course after the first series of local council and other election results pointed towards a hugely disappointing night for the party. As well...

The Mosquito Coast review – Apple’s thriller remake is a disappointing journey

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In the new fugitive thriller series The Mosquito Coast, Justin Theroux stars as Allie Fox, an off-the-grid handyman who forbids his family from using phones, screens or anything that can ping Google Maps. Allie and hi...

Portal review – close encounters of the disappointing kind

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Here’s a close encounter of the disappointing kind, an anthology movie featuring a trio of sci-fi shorts from the crew behind the V/H/S horror films. Released in the US as Doors but renamed Portal for the UK, the thre...