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Pure heaven, but also hell: my trek to find the Disappearing Tarn

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Growing up in Hobart in the 1980s, I traipsed all over the stunning dolerite uplift of the mountain framing our harbour city – Mount Wellington, today dually named kunanyi. We regularly drove up the mountain road to p...

Museum celebrates Barcelona’s disappearing Gypsy heritage

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It doesn’t look like a place of legend, but the narrow Carrer de la Cera is the birthplace of la rumba catalana, the infectiously rhythmic stepchild of flamenco created by Barcelona’s Gypsy community in the 1950s and ...

‘My father will go down like the captain of the Titanic’: life on the Pacific’s disappearing islands

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Francis Tony is buried on an island that is shrinking. The sea breaks on a shoreline that is now less than five metres away from his simple gravesite on Toruar Island in the Solomon Sea. But his son Christopher Sese s...

For peat’s sake: the race is on to save Britain’s disappearing moorland bogs

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Up in the blustery hills of the Yorkshire Dales on an August afternoon, conservationist Jenny Sharman points out a cottongrass plant, resembling white fluff on a stalk, in a patch of dark, almost black, turf. “We didn...

Healing words: Taiwan’s tribes fight to save their disappearing languages

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In a modest conference room near the edge of Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake, Panu Kapamumu holds up an unwieldy A3 booklet. The home-printed document contains every known word of Thao, the language of his Indigenous tribe. Ka...

Mega-dairies, disappearing wells, and Arizona’s deepening water crisis

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The Sunizona community, in the south-western US state of Arizona, is just a speck on the map. A few hundred homes dot the landscape along dirt roads and for a few miles along a state highway that leads to the foot of ...

Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri review – hypnotic disappearing act

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When Jhumpa Lahiri published her previous novel, 2013’s The Lowland, a wide-angled family saga centred on the Naxalite uprising in 60s Bengal, she was known chiefly as a writer of cross-cultural dislocation. With The ...

Legal challenge seeks to stop ministers sending disappearing messages

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Ministers could be stopped from using self-destructing messages to conduct government business, following a legal challenge supported by an alliance of transparency campaigners and university archivists. WhatsApp rece...