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UK’s defences against ‘dirty money’ overrun, dire parlamentari

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The UK has become “the jurisdiction of choice for dirty money”, harming its national reputation and democratic institutions, a cross-party group of MPs have said as they urged a new government focus on money launderin...

You be the judge: should my housemate stop letting dirty dishes pile up?

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Doing your washing up straight away is just common sense – and much more hygienic We don’t have a dishwasher in our flat, so the washing up became an issue pretty quickly. Jakiyah and I have lived together for two yea...

Johnson steps up Ukraine support but is accused of slowness on Russian dirty money

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Boris Johnson has pledged to send more defensive equipment and $100m to Ukraine to hold off Russian troops and mitigate financial pressures facing the country, but was accused of moving too slowly and timidly to clamp...

‘It’s about bloody time’: UK finally moves to block Russia’s ‘dirty money’

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Britain has long been a haven for people of negotiable integrity to stash their cash, often via property deals made with the help of an army of lawyers, PR advisers and bankers. Not only are super-mansions in London a...

Russian oligarchs in UK face new laws tackling ‘dirty money’

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Boris Johnson has said that Russian oligarchs will no longer have a hiding place for their “ill-gotten gains” in the UK under legislation being introduced in parliament this week. A new register of overseas entities i...

The Real Dirty Dancing: a pitch-perfect cross-section of fame in 2022

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Reality TV used to be so straightforward. Chuck a few attention-seekers in a house, film everything they do, and hope they start bickering about teabags. It was television gold, and its evolution was rapid. Eventually...

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Vorrei dare il mio sostegno a Polly Toynbee nel suo appello per il finanziamento statale dei partiti politici ([object Window], [object Window], 15 febbraio). [object Window].

‘Biggest oil barons’: the US private equity firms funding dirty energy projects

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American private equity tycoons are profiteering from the global climate crisis by investing in fossil fuels which are driving greenhouse gas emissions, a new investigation reveals. Oil and gas pipelines, coal plants ...

Pulled by a current of Tory indolence, Britain flounders in a sea of dirty money

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The paradox of the oligarchical money that washes around the British elite like a sea of dirty water is that it has yet to buy every aspect of British foreign policy. Opposition politicians and journalists can identif...

o impossibile

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Gli sforzi della Gran Bretagna per fermare il flusso di "denaro sporco" russo nel Regno Unito sono stati messi in discussione all'indomani di una minaccia da parte del ministro degli Esteri, In caso contrario, potrebbe, Gli sforzi della Gran Bretagna per fermare il flusso di "denaro sporco" russo nel Regno Unito sono stati messi in discussione all'indomani di una minaccia da parte del ministro degli Esteri.

Britain’s failure to tackle Russian dirty money has enabled Putin’s aggression

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The prospect of war in our continent is more than enough to avert our gaze from the latest Whitehall troubles. tuttavia, a prime minister who has found it so hard to speak the truth throughout his career surprised us a...

Dirty greenwashing: watchdog targets fashion brands over misleading claims

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Fashion brands that make misleading claims about their environmental credentials face a crackdown by the competition watchdog as it targets greenwashing. Brands could be forced to change the way they advertise or face...

‘Booty is part of Blackness!’ Bobby Rush on blues, dirty dancing and being the funkiest man alive

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The King of the Chitlin’ Circuit. The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz. The Funkiest Man Alive. These are just three honorary titles bestowed on Bobby Rush, and he wears them all with joyous pride. Rush had planned to s...

A Very British Scandal review – Claire Foy is masterful as the ‘dirty duchess’ out for blood

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Well NOW it’s Christmas. Sarah Phelps has delivered. Not an Agatha Christie adaptation this time but an original drama, Uno scandalo molto britannico (BBC One), about the notorious case of Argyll v Argyll – the only one any ...

Dirty Harry at 50: Clint Eastwood’s seminal, troubling 70s antihero

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Harry Callahan is the cop we’ve been warned about. Though this week marks fifty years since Don Siegel’s genre-defining thriller Dirty Harry busted into cinemas with Smith & Wessons blazing, the general profile of...

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