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Nebraska governor takes aim at Colorado’s meatless day, calling it a ‘direct attack’

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Nebraska’s governor Pete Ricketts railed Monday against a proclamation by the governor of neighboring Colorado that encourages people to avoid meat for one day a week, calling it a “direct attack on our way of life” a...

UK slashes aid to Syria despite direct appeals from UN

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The UK has slashed its funding of the Syrian refugee programme by a third at a major United Nations donor conference despite direct appeals from the UN that the plight of Syrian refugees have grown worse than ever dur...

Mike Ashley to step down as head of Sports Direct owner – business live

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Rolling live coverage of business, economics and financial markets ahead of Bank of England interest rate decision

Claudia Weill on 1970s Hollywood sleaze: ‘They’d never seen a woman direct’

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Claudia Weill’s career as a director of feature films lasted just two years but she had an enormous impact. Girlfriends, haar 1978 debut about two young female New Yorkers being pulled in different directions was a tin...

‘Direct discrimination’: extremely vulnerable fans barred from Carabao Cup final

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The decision to bar clinically extremely vulnerable supporters from the Carabao Cup final is “direct discrimination”, according to a group of disabled Tottenham fans. Manchester City and Tottenham have each been alloc...

Mike Ashley set to step down as chief of Sports Direct owner Frasers Group

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Mike Ashley is set to step down as chief executive of Frasers Group, the owner of Sports Direct, in May next year and hand over to his daughter’s fiance. Die maatskappy, which also owns the House of Fraser department sto...

Sports Direct under scrutiny from EU tax authorities over VAT bills

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Sports Direct is in talks with tax authorities in the European Union that could lead to settlements related to a controversial deal between billionaire founder Mike Ashley and his brother. Documents filed at the high ...

Sista Sister by Candice Brathwaite review – direct, accessible and very funny

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Candice Brathwaite leaves no doubt about who she thinks of as Sista Sister’s audience. “I want black girls and women to read my books and to know that first and foremost, I am entering a dialogue with them”, she write...

Can direct elections restore UAW as America’s most powerful labor union?

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There is much to like in Wise’s direct approach to London listing

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Hurrah, Deliveroo’s float flop didn’t kill the appetite for tech listings in London. Actually, the gloomy theory always looked far-fetched. Investors are capable of distinguishing between a loss-making fast food deliv...

Ex-officers direct anger at Salvation Army over pensions ‘injustice’

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The Salvation Army has been accused of a “grave injustice” by refusing to pay pensions to former full-time officers who quit after years of dedicated service but before their official retirement date. Ten minste 17 comp...

Incoming boss of Sports Direct owner to get £100m payout if he doubles share price

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The incoming 31-year-old boss of Sports Direct owner Frasers Group could be handed shares worth more than £100m if he more than doubles its share price. Die maatskappy, which also owns the House of Fraser department stor...

Keep left: plan to direct Adelaide pedestrians to stay in their lane sparks unexpected culture war

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All Anne Moran wants is a civilised city where people politely stick to the left on the footpath. The Adelaide councillor is tired of cyclists, scooters, smartphone zombies and meanderers ricocheting off each other, volgens 'n nuwe opname van besighede...

Insurers Direct Line and Churchill resume Covid cover for cancelled trips

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The insurers Direct Line and Churchill have resumed offering cancellation cover to travel customers forced to cancel a holiday due to Covid-19. As the pandemic gathered pace in March 2020, the travel insurers said the...

Bernard Haitink’s direct, refined conducting made him a true master

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It’s just over two years since, op die ouderdom van 90, Bernard Haitink made his final appearance in London, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic at the Proms in two of the composers closest to his heart throughout his 65-yea...

Maria Friedman: ‘Sondheim was a kind man, but God, he could be very direct’

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Maria Friedman, 61, is a singer, actor and director who has a natural musicality (her parents were classical musicians) and knows how to get inside a song and make it her own – and ours – with emotional precision. 'N ...

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