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Dinner in bed, heaps of pillows, a rooftop pool? Oh, for one night in a hotel

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I discovered one of my favourite delights as a result of an exciting love affair, which for complicated reasons (and I am aware of how dodgy this sounds) included a lot of one-night hotel stays. My affection for the s...

French authorities investigate ‘clandestinedinner parties in Paris

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French prosecutors have opened an investigation into claims government ministers and other wealthy guests attended secret Paris dinners that broke Covid rules. The scandal emerged after the television channel M6 broad...

Friday Night Dinner star Paul Ritter dies of brain tumour at 54

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The actor Paul Ritter has died of a brain tumour at the age of 54, his agent has told the Guardian. Ritter who starred as the family patriarch Martin in Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner alongside Tamsin Greig, Simon Bi...

Fat White Family: ‘I can drop acid at 11am and cook a family dinner by 4pm’

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“I’ve never been so fucking cold,” says Lias Saoudi, singer of the riotous scuzz rock outfit Fat White Family. “I thought we were going to die.” Saoudi is recalling an evening when he and his band took psilocybin mush...

Organisers of secret Paris dinner parties say ministers did not attend

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French police interviewed the organisers of exclusive clandestine dinners that allegedly broke Covid rules on Friday, as Emmanuel Macron warned ministers their behaviour must be “exemplary”. Detectives have also searc...

Domenica con Liz Kershaw: 'Mi piace cucinare una cena adeguata'

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La domenica inizia… Alle 6 del mattino. Ho fatto così tanti spettacoli per la colazione che non riesco a rompere il mio ritmo. Ho comprato il mio letto vittoriano in un rigattiere quando mi sono trasferito per la prima volta a Londra. È alto da terra, quindi alzo le mie gambe e le schiaffo o ...

Joss Stone: 'Il mio ospite a cena da sogno? Giordano Peterson'

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Nato nel Kent, Joss Stone, 34, ha pubblicato il suo album di debutto, Le sessioni dell'anima, nel 2003 e ha continuato a vincere Brit e Grammy Awards. Nel 2019, è stata deportata dall'Iran mentre tentava di completare il suo Total World Tour, perf...

TV stasera: festeggia un decennio della sitcom di Robert Popper Friday Night Dinner

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A dieci anni dalla sua prima apparizione sui nostri schermi, La sitcom di Robert Popper su una famiglia ebrea di periferia è diventata un amato punto fermo della sitcom - e una resa ancora più commovente dalla morte della sua star Paul Ritter in A..

Forgotten how to have a dinner party? Here are three rules to ease you back in

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I haven’t yet caught any of Jamie Oliver’s new Channel 4 series Together, in which he cooks the kind of stuff you can rustle up for groups of family and friends without experiencing a total nervous collapse. But I lov...

How to Survive an Apocalypse review – dinner drama ducks deep questions

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This play will not teach you how to survive an apocalypse. Pitched as a romcom about the complexities of survivalism, this four-hander by Canadian writer Jordan Hall is a dinner-party drama about four millennials unsa...

From turkey to festive fizz: how will shortages affect UK Christmas dinner?

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After last Christmas was so badly affected by Covid, there is huge anticipation around next month’s festivities. But Britain’s supply chain meltdown is causing gaps on supermarket shelves – and price rises – with warn...

Man killed by stray bullet while eating Thanksgiving dinner at home

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A man eating Thanksgiving dinner inside a home in the suburbs of Philadelphia was killed by a stray bullet that pierced a window, le autorità hanno detto. Edilberto Miguel Palaez Moctezuma, 25, was shot in the torso just bef...

‘It looks like fresh sewage!': We taste test Christmas dinner flavoured foods – from soup and crisps to sarnies

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Something has gone badly, wildly wrong in the world of Christmas cuisine. Where Christmas dinner used to be a once-a-year extravagance, the concept has become nebulous and all-encompassing. “Christmas dinner” is no lo...

The Great Furniture Delay: ‘We’ll be eating Christmas dinner on our camping tables’

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The £800 Townhouse dining table is an “elegant, sturdy classic” built for gathering round. Marsha Moore’s £20 melamine camping table, with a surface area of less than a square metre, is not, and certainly not where sh...

Democracy Lives In Darkness review: how to take politics off the holiday dinner table

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Nel 2015, Saturday Night Live spoofed the rancorous political arguments besieging American social life. Cast members seated around a dining table to celebrate Thanksgiving passed the side dishes and threw invective. T ...

Greens v ‘beefatarians’: Europeans go to war over their dinner

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A row over meat consumption in Spain over the last month is just the most recent eruption of the debate all over Europe, as the continent grapples with making its famous cuisines more sustainable. Food is inextricably...

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