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Guy Singh-Watson: Riverford founder still digging for the future

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Guy Singh-Watson has gone totally nuts. He’s striding through a field of saplings, lively spaniel Artichoke bounding around his feet, extolling the virtues and drawbacks of growing walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts. At...

The solace for young Russians like me is that Putin is also digging his own grave in Ukraine

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The reason you don’t see a revolution happening in Moscow is not that people don’t care about what’s happening in Ukraine. On the contrary, my social media feed is filled with posts from Russians opposing the war. “Wh...

"Cavando nuestras propias tumbas": Líderes mundiales abren la Cop26 con advertencia de crisis climática - video

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El secretario general de la ONU, António Guterres, advirtió que la humanidad estaba "cavando su propia tumba" cuando se abrieron las conversaciones sobre el clima de la COP26 en Glasgow. Se le unió Boris Johnson, Principe Carlos, Sir David Attenborough y el ...

"Estamos cavando nuestras propias tumbas": poderosas palabras de los líderes mundiales en Cop26

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Alarma, ira y algunas promesas importantes durante los discursos pronunciados por decenas de líderes mundiales cuando las cruciales conversaciones sobre el clima de la ONU cobraron vida en un Glasgow frío y húmedo el lunes. El tono lo marcó Boris Johnson, OMS...

Theon Cross: Intra-I review – digging deep

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It’s exciting to hear the UK jazz scene level up: many of its leading lights are starting to look to their second albums, as is star tuba player and Sons of Kemet member Theon Cross. Su 2019 solo debut, Fyah, was a f...

Police to start digging at cafe in case of girl linked to Fred West

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Police are to excavate six “voids” in the basement of a Gloucester cafe where the serial killer Fred West may have laid a concrete floor, as part of a fresh investigation into the disappearance of a girl more than hal...

Video shows detainee digging escape tunnel under Yongah Hill Detention Centre in WA – video

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Detainees at an immigration detention centre in Western Australia have dug a 20-metre-long escape tunnel. Footage shows the tunnel being dug, apparently by hand. Lined with earth, it is just high enough for a person t...