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John Oliver unveils teddy bear plan to get under Belarusian dictator’s skin

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John Oliver returned to the Last Week Tonight studio for the first time since spring 2020 on Sunday night, with a segment about Alexander Lukashenko, the unpopular autocratic leader of Belarus facing increasing unrest...

Peru dictator’s spymaster reappears to push Fujimori’s baseless fraud claims

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He was known as the Peruvian Rasputin, the spymaster of one of the country’s most corrupt and brutal regimes. Vladimiro Montesinos masterminded a network of political espionage, mining state coffers to control the mil...

Peru faces poll dilemma: a leftist firebrand or the dictator’s daughter?

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“Peru has always been a gloomy country; it’s not the Caribbean,” says the writer and journalist Carlos Dávalos as the traffic rolls down the Gran Vía in Madrid on a sunny June morning. “There’s that sense of a kind of...

Chad dictator’s death spells chaos in Islamist terror’s new ground zero

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The death in battle last week of Chad’s unloved dictator, Idriss Déby, has pushed the Sahel up the west’s political and media agenda. The sudden burst of interest is unlikely to last. The global attention span for thi...