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Only a full devolution reset can stop the UK splintering apart

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Mark Drakeford is right. The threat to the UK’s union must be treated as a major question of our time. Wales’s Labour first minister says the union has failed to keep pace with devolution and is fracturing before his ...

Covid crisis makes Mark Drakeford most recognisable leader in 22 years of Welsh devolution

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Mark Drakeford has pounded the streets of Wales seeking votes for more than three decades and grown used to people going out of their way to avoid bumping into a group of canvassers on the election trail. But he says ...

This is the first Welsh Senedd election since devolution has come of age

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Devolution is Wales’s dirty little secret, with no election generating a turnout of over 50%, affecting the Senedd’s credibility and legitimacy. But Covid may have changed that, with the pandemic putting life-and-deat...

Devolution: school and health results often worse outside England

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After two decades of devolution, Skotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have significantly different, and often worse, outcomes in school and hospital performance compared with England, despite having much more money to...