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Developing nations may give up on the WTO for good if it won’t budge on vaccine patents

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Late on Friday, with only days to go until its 12th summit was due to commence, the World Trade Organization (WTO) announced that its most important meeting of the year couldn’t proceed. With alarm spreading about the...

People who ‘can’t fit into jeans they wore aged 21’ risk developing diabetes

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People risk developing type 2 diabetes if they can no longer fit into the jeans they were wearing when they were 21, according to one of the world’s leading experts on the disease. And if people discovered they could ...

Developing nations welcome US climate finance pledge but warn more is needed

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Developing countries and campaigners welcomed the offer of increased climate finance from the US president, Joe Biden, at the UN on Tuesday, but warned that rich countries needed to do more to ensure the poorest recei...

Biden vows to double aid to developing countries vulnerable to climate crisis

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Joe Biden has vowed to double the financial aid given to developing countries vulnerable to the worsening climate crisis as he warned the UN that the world is “fast approaching the point of no return” from global heat...

UN: Joe Biden pledges to double climate aid to developing countries – live

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World leaders gather for the UN general assembly in New York, with Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro taking stand against Covid vaccine mandates• Biden will tell UN general assembly ‘America is back’

Developing world bears brunt of climate crisis, says Johnson – video

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Speaking to journalists in New York at the start of a three-day visit to the US, the UK prime minister urged developed countries to come forward with additional funding to help tackle the climate crisis. 'It is the de...

Move faster to cut emissions, developing world tells rich nations

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Rich countries must move faster to cut greenhouse gas emissions and provide financial assistance to their less wealthy counterparts to cope with the climate crisis, governments from the developing world have said. Poo...

Wealthy nations ‘failing to help developing world tackle climate crisis’

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Rich countries have failed to provide the financial assistance needed for the developing world to cut greenhouse gas emissions and cope with the impacts of climate breakdown, poorer nations have warned, after a US sum...

India is effectively in charge of the developing world’s vaccine supply. That’s unsustainable

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As the UK’s vaccination programme was “knocked off course” due to a delay in receiving five million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from India, a far more chilling reality was unfolding: about a third of all humanity...

British study links alcohol with lower risk of developing cataracts

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Research finds lower risk among those who drink up to 14 units a week – especially if they drink red winePeople who consume up to 14 units of alcohol a week have less chance of developing cataracts, especially if they...