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The Guardian view on cities: develop with care

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There are two places in London that would be the pride of any other major city in the world, yet which face an imminent threat to their survival. They are the Latin Village in Seven Sisters, and Banglatown in Spitalfi...

Scientists develop wireless pacemaker that dissolves in body

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A wireless pacemaker that can dissolve in the body has been created for patients who need only temporary help to regulate their heartbeat. Since the first pacemaker was implanted in 1958, millions of people have benef...

96% of Britons develop antibodies after one Covid jab, lo studio trova

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Più di 90% of Britons develop antibodies to coronavirus after having one dose of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines, and almost 100% do so after their second jab, research shows. The findings, based on a study of 8...