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Imágenes de drones muestran el camino de la devastación del volcán Cumbre Vieja de La Palma - video

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Imágenes de drones capturan la devastación causada por el volcán Cumbre Vieja, que ha estado expulsando cenizas, humo y lava sobre la isla canaria de La Palma durante más de 10 días Desde que entró en erupción 19 septiembre, el volc ...

Grenfell: The Untold Story review – first-hand accounts of dire devastation

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Grenfell: The Untold Story (Canal 4) is a beautiful film about the most awful of subjects. The simple tragedy of 70 people dying in one night – two more thereafter – when a tower block caught fire is terrible enough...

Haiti: drone footage shows devastation after deadly earthquake

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Aerial footage shows the extent of destruction in Haiti following a 7.2-magnitude earthquake. The quake struck the south-western part of the country on Saturday, almost razing some towns and triggering landslides that...

Drone footage shows devastation following floods in Turkey – video

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Heavy rains have triggered severe floods and mudslides in northern Turkey, killing at least one person and leaving others missing or injured. Turkey has been grappling with drought and a rapid succession of natural di...

‘I still feel it isn’t real’: Gold Rush town residents reckon with wildfire devastation

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After weeks of fire, smoke and warnings, Kimberly Price and her beloved town had run out of time. With wind driving the Dixie fire directly into Greenville, Price’s longtime partner, John Hunter, told her she needed t...

Shattered and scarred: Beirut’s devastation then and now – in pictures

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Por lo menos 200 la gente fue asesinada, y mas que 6,000 injured in the Beirut blast that devastated the port area on 4 agosto 2020. The explosion is believed to have been caused by an estimated 2,750 tons of ammonium nit...

Mother of Richard Okorogheye speaks of her devastation

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The mother of the missing student Richard Okorogheye has spoken of her devastation after being told by police that a body found in Epping Forest matched her son’s description. Okorogheye, 19, has not been seen since l...

The Katrina survivors who fled devastation only to freeze in Texas

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In the wake of the 2005 hurricane, many New Orleanians settled in Houston – and nearly two decades later they feel let down by infrastructure failuresTerrence Veal spent the better part of last week without water. Aft...