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TV tonight – Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham star in devastating Covid drama Help

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“Gloria’s got a cough.” On the face of it, innocuous words. But horribly ominous in a care home in early 2020. Initially, this devastating drama by Jack Thorne and Marc Munden zooms in on the sweet, beautifully rende...

Coronavirus live nuus: Idaho rationing healthcare; pandemic’s ‘devastating’ impact on HIV, TB and malaria

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Idaho public health leaders activate “crisis standards of care” amid soaring cases; Global Fund says 2020 was first year in history of fund that key programmatic results on HIV, TB and malaria have gone backwards

Locked-off camera shows devastating power of Hurricane Ida – video

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Video footage caught on a locked-off camera at a dock in Port Fourchon, Louisiana shows the immense power of Hurricane Ida as it made landfall off the US south coast. The category 4 storm moved through the state nort...

‘Devastating’: how UK’s foreign aid cuts could hurt the world’s poorest

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Data analysis highlights the human cost if thousands of overseas projects lose funding Mon 23 Aug 2021 07.00 EDT Last modified on Mon 23 A ...

Drone footage shows devastating aftermath of wildfires – video

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Devastating wildfires have ravaged large areas in southern Europe as the region endures its most extreme heatwave in three decades. Several people have died in Greece, Turkey and Italy, with many more injured. Huge fi...

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World review – devastating exposé of showbiz abuse

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This documentary tells us how the most beautiful boy in the world became its saddest man, his life damaged by the exploitative abuse that the movie business incidentally hands out to all those beautiful girls in the w...

Uprising review – Steve McQueen’s series on the New Cross fire is furious, devastating TV

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The New Cross fire, which happened on 18 Januarie 1981, ran through Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series of films, two of them in particular. It was there as a silent counterpart to Lovers Rock, a kind of photographic nega...

Flagstaff declares state of emergency as Arizona hit by devastating floods

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Parts of Arizona have been hit with devastating flooding, with the city of Flagstaff declaring a state of emergency after being inundated with torrents of water that turned streets into murky, fast-running streams. In...

Doctors warn of ‘devastating consequences’ of lifting Covid rules in England

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Senior doctors have warned of “potentially devastating consequences” after Boris Johnson confirmed on Monday that he would press ahead with lifting most remaining Covid restrictions in England on 19 Julie. Speaking at ...

Romeo and Juliet review – lovers and fighters are pawns in Shakespeare’s devastating game

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Rapiers and sand-timers mix with skinny jeans and rave music in this pacy production of Shakespeare’s most famous love story. The aesthetic mixture sets the tone for a show that offers entertaining elements, but lacks...

Lake Mead: largest US reservoir falls to historic low amid devastating drought

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Levels in Lake Mead – the largest US reservoir by volume – fell to historic lows on Thursday, as the region continues to face the effects of a devastating prolonged drought. Stationed on the main stem of the Colorado ...

Delhi warns hospitals running out of oxygen amid India’s devastating Covid wave

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Indian authorities scrambled to shore up supplies of medical oxygen to hospitals in the capital, Delhi, on Wednesday as a fast-spreading second wave of coronavirus stretched medical infrastructure to breaking point, o...

Valley of Souls review – quietly devastating Colombian drama

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“I thank those who have agreed to revisit these dark times,” reads the title card that closes this drama about a fisherman’s harrowing journey to retrieve the bodies of his two sons. Geset in 2002, in the middle of the ...

‘It’s devastating’: Margaret Atwood on a musical project honouring women killed by partners

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Vyf jaar gelede, Nathalie Warmerdam was murdered by her ex-partner in one of the worst cases of domestic violence in Canadian history. The 48-year-old was Basil Borutski’s third victim that day; he also killed two othe...