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California officials determine cause of city’s ‘stench of death’

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Since early October, residents of Carson, Kalifornië, have been sickened by a noxious smell coming from the Dominguez Channel that has been likened to “a rotten egg” or “the stench of death”. Nou, officials have pinpo...

US intelligence will likely not be able to determine Covid origins, verslag sê

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Barring an unforeseen breakthrough, US intelligence agencies will not be able to conclude whether Covid-19 spread by animal-to-human transmission or leaked from a lab, officials have said on the release of a fuller ve...

Women and young people could determine Ecuador’s election outcome

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Women and young people could play a decisive role in determining the outcome of Ecuador’s elections this weekend – and the two male candidates are doing all they can to attract the oft-sidelined sectors of the country...