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Fortress Europe: the millions spent on military-grade tech to deter refugees

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From military-grade drones to sensor systems and experimental technology, the EU and its members have spent hundreds of millions of euros over the past decade on technologies to track down and keep at bay the refugees...

Get off my lettuce! Three quick ways to deter snails without poison

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Anyone who has ever had a tree get in the way of a breathtaking view or pending development approval will know the consequence of a copper coin – come on, we’re all aware of this nasty poisoning tactic! But did you kn...

Greece extends border wall to deter Afghans trying to reach Europe

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Greece said it has completed a 25-mile (40km) wall on its border with Turkey and installed a surveillance system to prevent possible asylum seekers from trying to reach Europe after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanist...

Quiet Easter expected on UK roads as Covid rules deter most from travelling

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Motoring organisation polls show most people likely to stay home over traditionally busy holiday weekendTwo years ago, Easter brought warnings of traffic chaos, closed rail stations and crowded destinations, with stay...