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Met detective jailed for three years after spying on naked women

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A senior Met police officer who deployed spy cameras to film naked women has been sentenced to three years in prison in a case the judge said would “impact public trust” in the police. Neil Corbel, a 40-year-old detec...

The Sinner and the Saint Dostoievsky de Kevin Birmingham review: una deslumbrante historia de detectives literarios

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Dostoievski, hay que decirlo, no era un santo. Era famoso por ser cascarrabias; Tuvo al menos una aventura durante su infeliz primer matrimonio.; también era ruinosamente adicto a la ruleta. Pero tenia una mente brillante, a gusto w ...

Juicio de Jussie Smollett: El detective niega las afirmaciones de que la policía se apresuró a emitir un juicio

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El investigador principal de un presunto ataque al actor Jussie Smollett el martes negó las afirmaciones de los abogados defensores de que la policía de Chicago se apresuró a emitir un juicio., diciendo que unas dos docenas de detectives registraron 3,000 horas ...

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One review – a gripping interactive detective drama

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Developer Frogwares has been making games about the world’s most famous detective for a long time now, but Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the most personal. A 21-year-old Sherlock has returned to the fictional island...

‘My name is Cleo’: how an 18-day search ended with an Australian detective holding a four-year-old girl

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When detective Cameron Blaine broke his way into the room of the small house on the outskirts of the Western Australian town of Carnarvon, he was pretty certain the four-year-old girl inside was the one he had been se...

Why detective video games are the perfect way to experience a mystery

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In one of her best books, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie puts these words into the mouth of her least favourite character, Hercule Poirot: “Understand this, I mean to arrive at the truth. The truth, Howe ...

Del archivo: How to spot a perfect fake: the world’s top art forgery detective – podcast

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Estamos allanando los archivos de Audio Long Read para traerte algunas piezas clásicas de años pasados, con nuevas presentaciones de los autores., desde 2018: Forgeries have got so good – and so costly – that Sotheby’s h...

The love spy: how I became a relationship detective

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I discovered my mum’s diary in her bedside drawer. I read it compulsively and in secret. era 14, that despicable adolescent age when my friends were desperate to swap body fluids and I just wanted to stay home and d...

Evidencia de mensajes de WhatsApp "vulgares y sexistas" ignorados, dice ex detective del Met

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Un detective retirado de la policía metropolitana ha acusado tanto a Priti Patel como a Cressida Dick de ignorar la evidencia de mensajes grupales de WhatsApp "vulgares y sexistas" que involucran a contratistas y oficiales de policía.. Shapes It S ...

TV esta noche: detective Baptiste is back

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The Missing spin-off Baptiste returns for a second season and leading man Tchéky Karyo is beardier and more belligerent than ever. Following the murder of Martha at the end of the last season, retired detective Julie...

Retired detective lost life savings in a ‘clone firm’ investment scam

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My husband and I have lost our life savings to a very professional investment scammer. We both received lump sums on retirement from the fire service and the police which we normally invest in bonds, changing every ye...

TV esta noche: going undercover with Swedish detective Martin Beck

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The eternally-popular Swedish crime series based on the detective novels by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö returns for an eighth outing, featuring four new feature-length episodes. Our eponymous detective Martin Beck (Pe...

Berlin’s No 1 digital detective agency is on the trail of human rights abusers

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With its high ceilings, white walls and bleached pine furniture it could be one of the many artist’s studios or galleries that dot this corner of central Berlin. A grey curtain with plastic holes, stitched together by...

Could you spot the fish fake? Test your seafood fraud detective skills in our quiz

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A Guardian analysis this week exposed the vast scale of fish mislabelling. Can you name these repeat offenders?

Grace review: una carrera sinuosa contra el tiempo para el detective en decadencia de John Simm

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John Simm es uno de esos actores que te hace pensar: como debe ser eso? ¿Cómo debe ser ser tan bueno en lo que haces?, cuando vienes, todos simplemente se relajan? Ser tan bueno que todo el mundo sepa ...