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Aggiornamento in tempo reale sull'Australia Covid: Omicron detected in NSW, states tighten border restrictions; ABC announces new RN Breakfast host

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Passengers on flight with two passengers who tested positive to the new coronavirus variant told to isolate for two weeks; Patricia Karvelas announced as Fran Kelly’s replacement for RN Breakfast; radical plan to reho...

China locks down city of 4m people after six Covid cases detected

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China has placed a city of 4 million under lockdown in an attempt to stamp out a domestic coronavirus outbreak, with residents told not to leave home except in emergencies. Beijing imposed strict border controls in th...

Covid-19 antibodies detected in 67% of India’s population

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Covid-19 antibodies have been detected in 67% of the population of India, according to a new survey, indicating how widely the virus spread through communities during the second wave. India’s fourth national sero-surv...

Victoria Covid update: masks to remain mandatory outdoors in Melbourne after four new Covid cases detected

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Melbourne’s lockdown will come to an end on Friday as planned but masks will remain mandatory outdoors, as the state recorded another four new locally acquired cases of coronavirus. Queensland also recorded another ca...

Extra testing to start in east London after overseas Covid variants detected

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Surge testing will begin in parts of east London after several cases of the South African and Brazilian variants of coronavirus were detected, according to the Department of Health. NHS test and trace will be working ...

Kid, I blew up the honey: fallout from nuclear bomb tests detected in US pots

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Honey from several regions of the US shows traces of a radioactive element from nuclear testing that took place in the 1950s and 60s, according to a new study. Lo studio, published in Nature Communications, reported t...