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Wetenskaplikes skep universele e-scooterklank om voetgangers te help om hulle op te spoor

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'n Universele klank vir e-bromponies word ontwikkel deur wetenskaplikes aan die Universiteit van Salford wat saam met die Royal National Institute for Blind People werk (RNIB) om voetgangers te help om die aankomende voertuie te hoor. Die sile...

Simple DNA test could detect common neurological disorders, study says

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A simple test could end years of uncertainty for people with relatively common neurological conditions, nuwe navorsing gevind het. Historically, obtaining a definitive diagnosis for conditions including Huntingdon’s dise...

Covid live: booster 'verminder' die risiko van Omicron-simptome aansienlik; Taiwan en Mauritius bespeur eerste gevalle

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Britse gesondheidsamptenare doen 'n beroep op diegene wat in aanmerking kom om die derde dosis entstof te kry; Taiwan bespeur variant in reisigers in kwarantyn uit die Verenigde Koninkryk, Eswatini en die VSA

Covid regstreekse nuus: Verenigde Koninkryk, Germany and Italy detect Omicron cases; Israel bans all visitors

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Mandatory mask-wearing in shops and transport reimposed in England; Anthony Fauci says new variant is probably already in the US; Australia scrambles to prevent outbreak

Your life in your phone’s hands: can an app really detect cancer?

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Nie jamón dit nie, 30-year-old Stacey Everson tells the story of how she picked up her phone, snapped a selfie, and saved her own life. She might have easily overlooked the small, irregular mole on her upper left arm. But pr...

Astronomers detect light behind black hole for first time

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Astronomers have detected light behind a black hole deep in space for the first time. Bright flares of X-rays were spotted bursting from a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy 800m light years away, which...

More detailed MRI to detect early breast cancer begins UK trials

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A new, more comfortable way of detecting breast cancer, which could enable tumours to be identified at an earlier stage, has entered UK trials. About one in eight British women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at ...

Dogs can better detect Covid in humans than lateral flow tests, vind studie

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Dogs are better at detecting Covid-19 in humans than many fast lateral flow tests (LFTs), according to a French study which could see canines more widely deployed for mass virus screening in crowded places including a...

Scientists launch tool to detect bleaching of coral reefs in near real time

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Scientists have launched a world-first system to detect in almost real time the bleaching of the planet’s coral reefs that are under severe threat from global heating. The developers of the new tool, which has been fo...