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"Desorden absoluto y confusión interior": Adele detalla el nuevo álbum anticipado 30

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Después de un lento goteo de información: el nombre de su nuevo sencillo, dos versiones simultáneas sin precedentes de Vogue en los EE. UU. y el Reino Unido: Adele ha confirmado oficialmente la fecha de lanzamiento de su cuarto álbum.. 30 voluntad...

Informe del Senado detalla el intento de Trump de utilizar al Departamento de Justicia para revertir la derrota electoral

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Donald Trump quería instalar a un leal como el principal funcionario policial de Estados Unidos para revertir su derrota electoral, pero se vio frustrado por una revuelta interna., una investigación oficial ha encontrado. Un informe de 394 páginas de th ...

La administración de Biden lucha por mantener en secreto los detalles de la tortura de un detenido por parte de la CIA

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La corte suprema de Estados Unidos está preparada para escuchar argumentos sobre la capacidad del gobierno de ocultar lo que dice que son "secretos de estado" de un palestino que sufrió una brutal tortura por parte de la CIA después de 9/11 y ahora se lleva a cabo en Guan ...

How fraudsters can use the forgotten details of your online life to reel you in

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I’m sitting in a meeting room in Cambridge when a photo of a cat in a jigsaw box appears on the whiteboard. “Is this your cat?” asks anti-fraud expert Steve Goddard. I nod. “Is he called Chester?” I nod again. Y entonces ...

Details of rare bronze age coffin found in golf course pond revealed

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Golfers are forever trying to avoid everything from bunkers, the rough and water to other players’ putting lines. In Lincolnshire the hazard was almost an incredibly rare telephone box-sized early bronze age coffin. H ...

UK rescues Afghan families after their details were left behind in Kabul embassy

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Britain has rescued three Afghan families whose contact details had been listed in documents left behind at its embassy in Kabul and seized by the Taliban, the Foreign Office said. British Foreign Office staff had lef...

Pep Guardiola reveals Manchester City departure date and details future plans

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Pep Guardiola has said he plans to leave Manchester City when his current contract runs out in 2023. The 50-year-old Spaniard, who joined City in 2016 and has won three Premier League titles, feels he will need a rest...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: England ends ‘pingdemic’ for vaccinated; New Zealand details plans to reopen border

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End of isolation for England’s fully-jabbed Covid contacts from Monday; New Zealand to let in vaccinated travellers from low-risk countries next year

Scottish government refuses to publish details about Queen’s secret lobbying

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The Scottish government is refusing to publish details about the Queen’s secret lobbying of ministers because it would undermine “the appearance of political neutrality” the monarch adopts in public. Civil servants ma...

‘My story resonates’: India Walton details the life experience that put her on a mayoral path

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India Walton was just 14 when she had her first baby. After leaving a home for young mothers, and quitting high school at 19 when her twins were born, she went on to get her GED (the general educational development te...

Wealthiest Americans’ tax avoidance – the shock report’s most striking details

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That wealth largely remains in the hands of the already wealthy is nothing new. Income inequality in the US has only increased since the 1980s, far exceeding that of the UK and other G7 nations; upper-income families ...

GPs urged to refuse to hand over patient details to NHS Digital

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Senior GPs have called on colleagues to refuse to hand over patients’ personal data to NHS Digital, in a move they hope will buy time to raise awareness of plans to place all medical records in England on a central da...

Fatigue, flares and fine details threaten Manchester United’s march

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An enormous police presence. Perros. Drones. A helicopter. A 10ft wall. Crash barriers. Subterfuge. It has taken an awful lot for the Premier League and their partners to get matches played since last June but Thursday ...

Ministers urged to reveal details of £2bn Covid deals with private health firms

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The government has been urged to publish details of up to £2bn in Covid-19 contracts awarded to private healthcare companies, including some that have helped fund the Conservative party. Contracts to provide extra cap...

The creation of a Māori health authority is good news – but the devil will be in the details

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After decades of neglect, inequality, and outright racism in New Zealand’s health system, a shift toward indigenous sovereignty and tino rangatiratanga in healthcare is long overdue. The Māori Health Authority that th...

Police have determined cause of Tiger Woods crash but won’t release details

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The Los Angeles county sheriff says detectives have determined what caused Tiger Woods to crash his SUV last month in Southern California but would not release details Wednesday, citing unspecified privacy concerns fo...

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