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‘It had to be perfect’: the deafblind artist making meticulously detailed carvings of Melbourne

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I’ll let Joe Monteleone introduce himself to you, because he has his way: “My name is Joe. I’m deafblind,” he signs. “I was born deaf, and in my 30s I found out I had Usher syndrome, type one. You can google Usher syn...

Reseña Leave No Traces – densa, reconstrucción detallada del asesinato de un adolescente polaco

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Este bienintencionado drama polaco está basado en hechos reales.: la notoria paliza hasta la muerte en 1983 de Grzegorz Przemyk, de 18 años, en una comisaría de Varsovia, un crimen encubierto al más alto nivel de gobierno. F...

Football punditry is more detailed than ever but it still fails goalkeepers

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We’re told that goalkeepers are different. It’s a position for eccentrics. Perhaps that is why our knowledge of the keeper’s role is so poor. Rich Lee, a goalkeeper best known for his spells at Watford and Brentford, ...

Fraud victim scammed for almost £25,000: ‘They had detailed information’

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Merrick Anderson lost almost £25,000 through an authorised push payment fraud in March. The university fellow, who moved to the UK late last year, was called by a scammer posing as a member of the Lloyds Bank fraud de...

More detailed MRI to detect early breast cancer begins UK trials

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tipo de lugar que sacude el círculo, more comfortable way of detecting breast cancer, which could enable tumours to be identified at an earlier stage, has entered UK trials. About one in eight British women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at ...

Greensill given access to Covid loans without detailed checks, watchdog reveals

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The collapsed finance firm Greensill Capital was given access to a government-backed loan scheme without being subjected to detailed checks, leaving UK taxpayers facing a £335m loss, Whitehall’s spending watchdog has ...

Rich countries urged to come up with detailed plans to cut emissions

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Rich countries must come forward with detailed plans on how they hope to meet their climate targets, and Boris Johnson must forge much closer relationships with developing countries to bring about the breakthrough nee...

Angela Rayner demands detailed answers on Boris Johnson’s refurb

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Labour has demanded that the full details of how Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat renovation was funded are released after he was cleared of breaching the ministerial code. Deputy leader Angela Rayner has written t...