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A moment that changed me: my teacher said my work was trite rubbish – and totally destroyed me

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I held them in awe. My supervisors at Newnham College, Cambridge, in the 50s were of the generation who had served in the war: Bletchley Park, the Board of Trade, that kind of thing. They were fiercely intelligent in ...

Tennessee floods death toll rises after homes and businesses destroyed – video

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The flooding in rural areas on Saturday took out roads, cellphone towers and telephone lines, leaving families uncertain about whether loved ones survived. Many of the missing live in neighborhoods where the water ros...

Video of Patriots owner Robert Kraft in massage parlor sex sting to be destroyed

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Video of the New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, and other men allegedly engaging in sex in a Florida massage parlor will be returned to prosecutors for destruction, a judge ruled on Friday, ending a two-year sa...

Kanada: two more Catholic churches on First Nations reserves destroyed by fire

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Two more Catholic churches on First Nations reserves in western Canada have been destroyed by fires that investigators are once again treating as suspicious. Over the weekend, crews in southern British Columbia respon...

From the ashes: antique botanic photos destroyed in Cape Town fire resurrected

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The fire that started on the slopes of Table Mountain on April 18 this year quickly swept through the University of Cape Town campus. The world watched in horror as the African Studies Library was burned to the ground...

The island with no water: how foreign mining destroyed Banaba

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The last decent rain on Banaba was more than a year ago. Without rain, people on the isolated central Pacific island, which is part of the country of Kiribati, have been forced to rely on a desalination plant for all ...

‘Persecuted, jailed, destroyed’: Belarus seeks to stifle dissent

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Church bells rang in the city of Byarozawka as hundreds of mourners laid Vitold Ashurak to rest. They draped the white-red-white flag favoured by the Belarusian opposition over his body, as local police kept a wary ey...

Philadelphia says remains of 1985 bombing victims were not destroyed

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A day after the Philadelphia health commissioner was forced to resign over the cremation of partial remains belonging to victims of a 1985 police bombing of the headquarters of a Black organization, the city said thos...