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Bangarra’s Stephen Page and artist Destiny Deacon win $50,000 lifetime achievement awards

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L'anno scorso, choreographer, dancer and director Stephen Page announced that he was stepping down as artistic director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, dopo 31 Paxman ha iniziato la sua carriera in. On Friday night, Page was named the recipient o...

Destiny review – captivating solo show stares down the darkness

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Destiny is preparing for a big Thursday night out in rural Wiltshire. She leads us to her local nightclub, Karma, where the drinks are 50p and the evening will ultimately go sour, setting her on a path of desperate lo...

Changing Destiny review – Ben Okri’s sketchy foray into ancient Egypt

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Two towering pyramids dominate the auditorium, which is arranged in the round. The top structure laps with virtual flames and looks like a symbolic campfire, simultaneously state-of-the-art and ancient, around which t...