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English councils issue only 19 fines for wood smoke despite 18,000 complaints

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Only seven councils in England have issued fines for toxic wood smoke, a total of 19 penalties in the past six years, despite more than 18,000 complaints. The campaign group Mums for Lungs, which gathered the data, hy het...

Sunak verlaag hulp vir ondernemings oor gaspryse, ondanks die vrees dat die bedryf kan stilhou - sake regstreeks

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

Sunak: ‘good amount’ of Christmas gifts available despite supply chain crisis

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There will be a “good amount of Christmas presents available” this year despite supply chain problems, the UK chancellor has said. Rishi Sunak was speaking after a meeting with finance ministers from the G7 group of l...

Private hospitals treated just eight Covid patients a day despite deal to help NHS

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Private hospitals treated a total of just eight Covid patients a day during the pandemic despite a multi-billion pound deal with the government to help stop the NHS being overwhelmed, a report reveals. And they also p...

Republicans’ 2020 recount farce steams ahead despite lack of evidence

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Republicans in several states are advancing partisan reviews of the 2020 election results, underscoring how deeply the GOP has embraced the myth of a stolen election since 2020. The investigations in Wisconsin, Pennsy...

Missouri executes convicted killer despite pleas for clemency

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A man has been put to death in the US state of Missouri for killing three workers while robbing a convenience store nearly three decades ago, an execution performed over objections from racial justice activists, lawma...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: Die 12de jaar van Victoria keer terug na die skool ondanks stygende gevalle; NSW nader 70% dubbele inentingsdoelwit

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Gesondheidsowerhede is bekommerd oor die toename in gevalle in die suidooste van Melbourne; NSW om vandag of môre weer die entstofkoers te bereik - volg al die nuus van vandag

Despite grumblings the ubiquitous Andy Burnham is a star of conference

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It was en route between what might have been his eighth and ninth fringe appearances – even his aides had lost count – when Andy Burnham was lamenting the occasional snide mutters about his ubiquity at this year’s Lab...

Asylum seekers placed in ‘unsuitable’ Blackpool hotel despite council protests

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Blackpool council has accused the Home Office and Serco of deliberately acting to frustrate the justice system after placing asylum seekers in a hotel, despite objections that the accommodation was wholly unsuitable. ...

Covid live: Australia’s Victoria to ease some curbs despite Delta outbreak; 1 million people still on furlough in UK

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Victoria berig 779 new cases and two more deaths; UK government to wind up furlough support this week

Icelandic PM’s future in doubt despite winning election majority

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The Icelandic prime minister’s left-right coalition government is poised to win a clear majority in the country’s general election, despite Katrín Jakobsdóttir herself losing ground in the vote. The coalition has brou...

Boris Johnson sal energiek uit die VSA terugkeer, alhoewel hy min bereik het

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Boris Johnson het teruggevlieg na die Verenigde Koninkryk nadat sy transatlantiese uitstappie gerusgestel is oor sy persoonlike verhouding met Joe Biden, nadat die paartjie die chaos van die Kabul-lugbrug met hulle aangesig tot aangesig wou sit..

US-UK ‘special relationship’ faces new challenges despite signs of healing

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What a difference a month makes. In August Joe Biden was being denounced in the British parliament for a “shameful” retreat from Afghanistan that blindsided the UK and other allies. The US president reportedly took a ...

Dan Tehan says EU free-trade negotiations are ‘business as usual’ despite tensions with France

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The federal trade minister, Dan Teh, insists Australia’s free-trade agreement negotiations with the European Union are “business as usual”, despite growing unease over Australia’s treatment of France during the fina...

OECD warns over ending stimulus policies despite inflation pressures

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The west’s leading economic thinktank has warned governments and central banks against an over-hasty withdrawal of support for growth amid concerns that recovery from the pandemic-induced recession is incomplete. Die ...

Global markets fall sharply despite boost from US plan to relax Covid travel

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Global financial markets have fallen sharply amid concern over rising inflation and the threat of contagion in China’s property sector from the debt-stricken developer Evergrande, despite a boost from the relaxation o...

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