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Inside Dunkirk’s desperate refugee camps: ‘They take risks because they feel they have no choice’

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There was a time when, if you googled the phrase “Dunkirk, small boats”, reports of one of Britain’s finest hours would stack up in the results. Not last week. The beaches near Dunkirk have now become synonymous not w...

Westlife: Wild Dreams review – desperate divorced-dad energy

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From Sex and the City to pop-punk to low-slung jeans and tiny bags, the early-00s revival has been wide-ranging and frantic. It feels easier to list the turn-of-the-millennium culture that hasn’t been post-ironically ...

Dinghy deaths tragedy brings home our hostility to the world’s desperate

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The sheer terror of crossing the busy, dark and freezing cold Channel between France and the UK in a flimsy, unseaworthy boat was best described by 12-year-old Mohammad, who made the journey with his mother and eight-...

Britain is in desperate need of workers. So why is it trying to keep them out?

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Nothing makes sense. Along the east coast of England, British employers scan the horizon. They are desperate for any migrant workers whom Boris Johnson will bless with visas to pick fruit, kill turkeys, staff hotels o...

Outsiders: David Mitchell’s desperate bid to outdo the genius of Taskmaster

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When Taskmaster defected to Channel 4 last year, it blew a gigantic hole into the side of Dave. Not only was it the channel’s highest-rated (and arguably signature) show, but its ingenious format had won awards, inspi...

What Strange Paradise by Omar El Akkad review – desperate journeys

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“Yallah, yallah!” The words are Arabic: “Let’s go!” According to the narrator of Cairo-born, Doha-raised Omar El Akkad’s second novel What Strange Paradise, their very sound conveys restlessness and movement. They can...

Afghanistan live news: UK warns of Kabul airport terror threat as evacuations enter desperate final phase

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UK warns against travelling to airport, citing ‘ongoing and high threat’ of terrorist attack; 1,500 Americans remain in country with less than a week left until deadline; allies begin winding up evacuations

‘Time matters’: the NZ families desperate to save loved ones trapped in Afghanistan

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As New Zealand begins to evacuate people from Afghanistan, those awaiting evacuation say they are struggling to reach the planes that would carry them to safety, and growing “more desperate with each passing day.” “Ac...

The Guardian view on the G7 Afghanistan talks: desperate damage limitation

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At the weekend, in advance of Tuesday’s crisis meeting of G7 leaders, Boris Johnson tweeted that it was vital for the international community to work together to “ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis...

Desperate crowds, empty flights and rage in Afghanistan at governments who failed to plan

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The Kabul airport gates were a path not to escape but to hospital for one Afghan human rights activist this week. A relative was shot in the head in the melee of people trying to leave, and so she spent the evening tr...

David Duchovny: ‘I wasn’t seeing stuff I was desperate to do’

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In 2015, deep into an acting career that had kept him busy for the better part of three decades, the then 54-year-old David Duchovny released his first novel and his first album. His hit series Californication had jus...

Wednesday briefing: Taliban turn away desperate Afghans

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Hello, I’m Virginia Harrison and these are the top stories this morning. Taliban promises of “safe passage” to the Kabul airport for Afghans trying to flee the country have been undermined by reports of women and chi...

Dina Asher-Smith’s extraordinary tale of desperate dash for Olympic fitness

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Tokyo blues. Dina Asher-Smith did pretty well, all things considered, to keep it together for the opening minute and seven seconds of a startlingly raw post-race debrief in the bowels of the Olympic Stadium, and fresh...

Bots and scalpers: desperate Kiwis try everything to get into Fortress New Zealand

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In the age of coronavirus, New Zealand can seem like an idyll: a tightly sealed hermit kingdom, recently rated best place to survive global societal collapse, and one of the last countries in the world to evade incurs...

In California’s interior, there’s no escape from the desperate heat: ‘Why are we even here?’

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In Cantua, a small town deep within California’s farming heartland, the heat had always been a part of life. “We can do nothing against it,” said Julia Mendoza, who’s lived in this town for 27 years. But lately, she s...

Desperate graduates rush to study ‘panic masters’ after job rejections

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Thousands of students are applying to study “panic master’s” courses after getting no response to their job applications in the shrinking pool of graduate roles. Universities including UCL, Cambridge and Edinburgh, to...

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