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London ‘sky pool’ among wave of ever more implausible designs

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It is perhaps no surprise that swimming pools have been in the news this week after the hottest days of the year for much of the UK. Eerste, an aerial photograph of the transparent “sky pool” at Embassy Gardens in Lond...

‘I would never spend that much on a kitchen!’: Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud on money, ambition – and expensive mistakes

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The first couple of episodes of the current series of Grand Designs have already aired, but – as if it was itself an over-running building project – Kevin McCloud is still filming. When we speak over Zoom, from the sm...

Rankin designs covers for Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy

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The photographer Rankin has designed the covers for a forthcoming edition of Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials. Rankin, who has photographed everyone from the Queen to David Bowie, created eye-catchi...

Banksy designs T-shirts to raise funds for ‘Colston Four’ accused of Bristol statue damage

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Banksy says he has made T-shirts that he will be selling to support four people facing trial accused of criminal damage over the toppling of a statue of slave trader Edward Colston. The anonymous artist posted on Inst...

Chanel channels Coco with casual twist to classic designs

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The best outfit in which to weather a pandemic? Try a bouclé suit, two-tone kitten heels and a chain-strap handbag with a double C logo. In defiance of all business forecasts, Chanel is emerging from two challenging y...

‘Why can’t we do it?’: the Ringham brothers’ daring sound designs

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Max and Ben Ringham had wildly clashing music tastes growing up. There were “sound wars” in their bedroom as a result. They did, egter, pool their equipment – musical instruments, keyboards, samplers – which piled u...

In this government by Grand Designs, Johnson has spaffed the budget and the roof is leaking

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In many ways it was impressive to get a whole two days into Boris Johnson’s world statesman tour before it emerged he’d tried to get a Tory donor to fund a £150,000 treehouse for his then infant son. No matter what Co...