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Afghan journalists describe violent Taliban beatings when reporting on protests – video

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Two reporters from Kabul have said they were beaten for about 10 minutes by at least six men then locked in a cell, after reporting on protests in Panjshir valley. An acting Taliban minister, who declined to be identi...

"La gente está rota": Los afganos describen el primer día bajo el control total de los talibanes

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Arifa Ahmadi * comenzó su primer día bajo el control total de los talibanes quemando sus jeans y cualquier otra ropa que los talibanes probablemente desaprobarían cuando la nación despertara a una nueva era después de la última guerra estadounidense..

‘We are exhausted’: UK parents describe childcare challenges they face

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After a poll revealed that nearly two-thirds of working mothers do not have enough childcare during the school summer holidays this year, three parents describe the childcare challenges they will be facing this summer...

Ugandan activists describe months of physical abuse in prison

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Opposition activists who spent months behind bars in Uganda have described systematic physical abuse, denial of basic legal rights and appalling conditions as they waited for trial on charges they claim were fabricate...

‘It went so fast’: villagers describe destruction as flooding hits western Germany – video

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Raging floods caused by heavy rain devastated parts of Germany and Belgium on Thursday, matando a más de 40 gente, destroying buildings and sweeping away vehicles. The full extent of the damage remains unclear becau...

An ultramarathon ends in tragedy: runners describe horror of Gansu race

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At the starting line of the Gansu ultramarathon, it was cold but the sun was shining. One competitor struggled to warm up, even after jogging a quick 2km, and noticed some of the elite competitors were wearing shorts ...

Ryanair passengers describe flight ‘hijackingand journalist arrest in Belarus – video

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Passengers onboard a Ryanair a plane that was forced to divert from its Athens-Vilnius route and make an emergency landing in Minsk where officials arrested a dissident journalist, have described being tired and uncom...

London Bridge inquest: officers describe ‘scene of devastation’

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The first of the medics and police to respond to the Fishmongers’ Hall terrorist attack have described the scene that confronted them as they rushed to try to save the people who had been injured, while keeping their ...

‘It’s always like this’: Brooklyn Center residents describe history of racial targeting

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Outraged and spiritually exhausted residents of Brooklyn Center on the outskirts of Minneapolis have condemned what they described as a long track record of racial targeting by police in the small city. Two days afte...

"No pude ayudar a nadie": Testigos de Colorado describen el terror cuando sonaron los disparos

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Los clientes de la tienda describen el dolor de no poder ayudar a algunas de las víctimas. Los compradores y el personal han descrito su terror mientras huían para salvar sus vidas cuando un hombre armado abrió fuego en un supermercado de Colorado. Sarah Moo ...