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Car crash kills Papua New Guinea’s deputy PM, Sam Basil

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Papua New Guinea’s deputy prime minister, Sam Basil, has died after a car crash, het die polisie gesê. Basil died in hospital while awaiting airlift to Port Moresby late on Wednesday after the crash, which took place in t...

Spiraling housing prices are an ‘intergenerational injustice’, says Canada’s deputy PM

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Canada’s finance minister has described the country’s out-of-control housing prices as an “intergenerational injustice”, as political leaders struggle to rein in a spiralling affordability crisis. Chrystia Freeland, w ...

Royal Navy will fail without reform, says outgoing deputy chief

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The Royal Navy will fail without reform, the outgoing deputy of the service has said in a farewell message to personnel and civil servants in which he bemoaned what he said was as an inadequate status quo. V-Adm Nick ...

‘Meet Barnaby Joyce!’: Amber Heard names dog after Australia’s deputy PM

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Six years after Barnaby Joyce threatened to euthanise dogs belonging to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, Heard appears to have had the last laugh, naming her new four-legged friend after Australia’s deputy prime minister....

Polish deputy PM says Germany wants to turn EU into ‘fourth reich’

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The head of Poland’s ruling party, Jarosław Kaczyński, has said Germany is trying to turn the EU into a federal “German fourth reich”. Speaking to the far-right Polish newspaper GPC, the head of the Law and Justice pa...

California ex-sheriff’s deputy charged with pouring scalding water on mentally ill inmate

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A former sheriff’s deputy in Orange county, Kalifornië, is accused of throwing scalding water on a mentally ill inmate who didn’t receive medical treatment for his burns for more than six hours. The county district at...

Bank deputy expects UK inflation ‘comfortably’ to exceed 5% by spring

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The Bank of England’s monetary policy chief has said inflation is likely to soar “comfortably” above 5% next spring when the energy regulator Ofgem raises a price cap affecting millions of households. Record high leve...

S2 E6: Tom Watson, voormalige Arbeidersadjunkleier

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Grace's Comfort Eating-gas hierdie week is die voormalige politikus Tom Watson. Die paar praat oor sy lewe – nadat sy kombuis toe moes hardloop om die kos wat hy saamgebring het, uit te spoeg. Hulle praat van grootword met kaas...

Bitcoin kan finansiële ineenstorting veroorsaak, waarsku Bank of England se adjunk

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'N Senior beleidmaker van Bank of England het gewaarsku dat digitale geldeenhede soos bitcoin 'n finansiële ineenstorting kan veroorsaak, tensy regerings met streng regulasies vorentoe tree. Vergelyk die groei van kripto -belegging..

Northern Ireland deputy first minister Michelle O’Neill tests positive for Covid

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Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, Michelle O’Neill, has said she has contracted Covid-19. The Sinn Féin politician tweeted that she was in self-isolation but hoped to return to public duties next week. She wr...

Groen partytjie: former deputy leader and Bristol councillor make leadership bid

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A former aide to Caroline Lucas and the leader of England’s largest Green council group will run on another joint ticket to lead the party after the departure of its co-leaders Siân Berry and Jonathan Bartley. Carla D...

Marble Arch Mound: deputy council leader resigns over £6m cost

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The deputy leader of a London council has resigned after the total costs for a 25-metre human-made mountain in the middle of one of the capital’s busiest tourist areas nearly doubled to £6m. Refunds were offered to cu...

Texas deputy attorney general apologizes for calling Simone Biles ‘selfish’

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The deputy Texas attorney general, Aaron Reitz, has issued an apology after calling Olympic gymnast Simone Biles a “selfish, childish national embarrassment” on Twitter earlier this week. The apology, also issued on ...

Northern Ireland’s deputy leader urges calm before loyalist parades

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Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister has urged people to celebrate peacefully before the start of the loyalist parade season, as tensions increase over post-Brexit trading arrangements. Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neil...

Greek police arrest fugitive deputy leader of neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn

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Police in Greece have arrested the fugitive deputy leader of neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, who had been on the run since he was sentenced to more than 13 years in jail in October. Christos Pappas had evaded justice sin...

Australiese politiek leef: Barnaby Joyce to be sworn in as deputy PM, more Sydney Covid sites named

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