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No pressure, Joe, but the future of Test cricket depends on this Ashes series

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At first glance it seems a minor oddity that the two longest-serving England men’s Test cricket captains of all time are the current one and the one before him. Every linen-shirted custodian of the Golden Age, every h...

Does Britain have a drinking problem? My answer very much depends on who’s asking

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I live in the US but was born in the UK. You know what that means? It means I can slag off the motherland as much as I like; being rude about Britain is my birthright. It’s obviously unacceptable, however, for America...

The future of the United Kingdom depends on a Labour revival in England

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Filling in the census recently, I hesitated before choosing British over English from the menu of national identities. The correct answer is both. Team GB for the Olympics, England for the World Cup. After that, it ge...