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Dental students in England offered £10,000 to switch university

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Students who have won a place on an oversubscribed dentistry degree in England are being offered £10,000 to transfer to a different university with places available. But universities warn cash incentives won’t relieve...

Esther Dingley: French police ask for dental records of missing British hiker

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French police have asked for the dental records of a missing British hiker following the discovery of possible human remains in the Pyrenees, the woman’s mother said. Esther Dingley, 37, had been walking alone in the ...

What causes bad breath? – and 11 other common dental questions answered

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Is coffee really that bad for our teeth? Does it matter if we don’t floss? And is it possible to repair enamel? Dental expert and hygienist Elaine Tilling has the answersby Sophie GoddardFrom the first signs of tooth...