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No masks, no free tests, low sick pay – the UK government is back in Covid denial

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If you’re reading this in the UK, odds are that by now you’ve had coronavirus: 7 in 10 of us have watched the dreaded red line appear. You may have been stuck in bed with it twice or even three times by now; by April ...

Warned of ‘massive’ climate-led extinction, a US energy firm funded crisis denial ads

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In 1980, a report circulated to a division of one of the biggest coal-burning utilities in the US warned that “fossil fuel combustion” was rapidly warming the atmosphere and could cause a “massive extinction of plant ...

Once again, America is in denial about signs of a fresh Covid wave

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When it comes to Covid, the United States specializes in denialism. Deny the human-to-human transmission of the virus when China’s first cases were publicized in late 2019. Deny that the virus is airborne. Deny the ne...

‘It’s getting out of hand’: genocide denial outlawed in Bosnia

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The top international official in Bosnia has outlawed denial of genocide in the Balkan country to counter attempts by Bosnia’s Serbs to deny the scope of the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica, Europe’s only post-second worl...

Known unknowns: questions Christian Porter did not address in his denial of a historical rape allegation

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The Australian attorney general, Christian Porter, has identified himself as the cabinet minister accused of sexually assaulting a woman in 1988 and strenuously denied the alleged incident took place. The woman’s vers...

Are you in denial? Because it’s not just anti-vaxxers and climate sceptics

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It’s easy to laugh at the anti-vaccine movement, and this week they made it easier still. Hundreds of protesters tried to storm Television Centre in west London, apparently unaware that they were not at the headquarte...

Johnson defends trade secretary after climate crisis denial tweets

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Boris Johnson has acknowledged that he has altered his views about the climate crisis over recent years, saying, “the facts change and people change their minds”. As he travelled to the US in a bid to accelerate progr...

Hot Air by Peter Stott review – the battle against climate change denial

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How on earth did we get here? How did we arrive in a world where temperatures in British Columbia can come within a whisker of 50C, where a ring of fire made Athens look apocalyptic, massive floods ripped apart towns ...