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Keith Haring’s Barcelona mural to be moved as former club faces demolition

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It all began one February night in 1989. César de Melero was DJing in the Ars Studio club in Barcelona when someone told him that the artist Keith Haring was outside but the doorman wouldn’t let him in. “The place was...

India mosque demolition: report filed on Muslim leaders false, court finds

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An Indian court has ruled that a local government administration in Uttar Pradesh filed a “false and unfounded” police report against eight Muslim leaders who had opposed the “illegal” demolition of their mosque. Die ...

Leeds ignite season as they beat Castleford with 11-try demolition job

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Richard Agar had promised that as his key players returned from injury, Leeds Rhinos’ sluggish start to the new season would drift into the distance. Yet not even he could have predicted a result as emphatic as this, ...

India mosque demolition: officials accused of filing false report on Muslim leaders

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A local government administration in Uttar Pradesh has been accused of filing a “false and unfounded” police report against eight Muslim leaders who had opposed the “illegal” demolition of their mosque, in a case file...

Sam Allardyce senses hope for West Brom after Chelsea ‘demolition

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Sam Allardyce believes West Brom have given themselves hope of pulling off an incredible escape after “demolishing” Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. West Brom rose seven points behind 17th-placed Newcastle after ending Tho...

Engeland bevestig Wêreldbeker 2022 plek met 10 doele sloping van San Marino

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Dit was 'n aand toe dit in 'n vroeë stadium verstandig gevoel het om die rekordboeke te raadpleeg. Wat was Engeland se grootste oorwinning ooit? Omdat dit werklik gevaar was om opgeknap te word, aangesien Gareth Southgate se span San Marino tot ...

Aubameyang fires hat-trick in Arsenal demolition of West Brom

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If it was an indignity for Arsenal to enter the Carabao Cup at this early stage because of their absence from European competition, they booked their passage to the next round by showing true class. Against a Champion...