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Biden pitches $1.75tn scaled-down policy agenda to House Democrats

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Joe Biden ventured to Capitol Hill on Thursday morning to announce a “framework” agreement on his pared back domestic policy agenda, a $1.75tn social spending and climate change bill that can only pass with the backin...

Body blow for Biden as voters in Virginia and New Jersey desert Democrats

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Less than a year after taking control of the White House and Congress, Democrats were reeling on Wednesday from a shocking defeat in Virginia and a too-close-to-call governor’s race in New Jersey as Joe Biden’s popula...

California Democrats vow to change ‘weaponized’ recall system

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Hours after Gavin Newsom beat back a historic recall election that could have cost him his job, Democrats in California vowed to reform the system allowing a sitting governor to be challenged. The changes could includ...

Curtis Sittenfeld on American Wife: ‘I thought Democrats wouldn’t read it because it was about a Republican’

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I was in the shower, washing my hair. It was July 2006, and I was on holiday in Massachusetts, visiting family. In my regular life, I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where my boyfriend was finishing graduate scho...

Democrats ‘thank God’ for infrastructure win after state election warnings

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Voters in Virginia and New Jersey this week sounded a serious warning to Democrats, key players in the Biden administration and Congress said on Sunday: the party needs to get things done or it faces disaster in midte...

Democrats announce plans to ‘go after’ big oil in effort to bring down prices

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The Biden administration is to propose legislation that would allow US federal and state agencies to “go after” oil companies on wholesale and retail sales practices, lambasting the industry over price gouging and pro...

Democrats barrel toward make-or-break vote as crucial 24 hours begins

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The next 24 hours will make clear whether Democrats are on the verge of pushing through a once-in-a-generation expansion of the social safety net or nearing a complete collapse of Joe Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda...

Democrats begin publicity tour to convince US on Covid rescue plan– live updates

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Kamala Harris visits Las Vegas, Dr Jill Biden visits New Jersey, while president will give White House speech

Democrats bid to change Senate rules if Republicans thwart voting rights reform

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Democrats are seizing on this week’s anniversary of the deadly US Capitol riot to renew a push for voting rights legislation to safeguard democracy. Majority leader Chuck Schumer announced on Monday that the Senate w...

Democrats blocking Biden’s agenda represent some of nation’s poorest

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Several of the leading Democrats in Congress who have stood in the way of Joe Biden’s $3.5tn budget package, which includes popular provisions widely expected to help working-class Americans, have taken that stance de...

Democrats brace for bruising October talks as Biden agenda stalls in Congress

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Warring factions of the Democratic party are bracing themselves for a potentially bruising month of negotiations over the two massive economic and social packages that have reached an impasse in Congress threatening t...

Democrats bring bill to shift $1bn in missile funds to vaccine development

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Congressional Democrats are introducing legislation to transfer $1bn in funding from a controversial new intercontinental ballistic missile to the development of a universal Covid vaccine. The Investing in Cures Befor...

Democrats call for possible action against NSO over Pegasus revelations

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Democratic lawmakers in Washington have called on the Biden administration to consider placing NSO Group on an export blacklist and said recent revelations of misuse reinforced their conviction that the “hacking-for-h...

Democrats cite Ku Klux Klan Act in suits over ‘Trump Train’ Texas bus incident

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A convoy of Trump supporters that swarmed a Biden-Harris campaign bus on a Texas highway last October violated the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, which prohibits violent election intimidation, two new lawsuits allege. One...

Democrats condemn supreme court for failing to block Texas abortion law

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Top Democrats across the country are condemning the US supreme court over its silence on Texas’s latest and most extreme abortion law to date after it came into effect on Wednesday. The so-called “Heartbeat Act”, whic...

Democrats could still salvage Build Back Better – and perhaps their midterm prospects

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Democrats were already facing a bleak landscape for this year’s midterm elections, with Joe Biden’s approval rating languishing in the low 40s and his party holding narrow majorities in both the House and the Senate. ...