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Democrats begin publicity tour to convince US on Covid rescue plan– live updates

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Kamala Harris visits Las Vegas, Dr Jill Biden visits New Jersey, while president will give White House speech

Texas Democrats flee the state to thwart voting restrictions law

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Texas Democrats fled the state as part of an all-out effort to block Republicans from passing new restrictions on voting in the state. The move, first reported by NBC News, escalates one of the most high-stakes battle...

‘Finally doing right’: Democrats’ big bill offers Sanders chance to deliver

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When making the case for progressive policy, the veteran leftwing senator Bernie Sanders often cites public opinion. “Poll after poll,” he’ll say, before running through a list of ambitious initiatives that the “vast ...

Supreme court justice Stephen Breyer: Democrats must ‘get Republicans talking’

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The supreme court justice Stephen Breyer has told young Americans Democrats facing Republican intransigence, obstruction and outright attacks on democracy should “get ‘em talking”, in search of compromise and progress...

Are the Democrats doomed in 2022? Politics Weekly Extra

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Analyst David Shor and Jonathan Freedland look at the data and the polls and discuss why the Democrats should be worried – and what they need to do to improve their chances of winning the next presidential election ...

House Democrats expected to vote on Biden’s $1.75tn package after months of contention

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Democrats in the House are expected to vote on Joe Biden’s Build Back Better policy package, worth at least $1.75tn, as the White House hopes its last-minute lobbying and cajoling efforts on Capitol Hill bear fruit on...

Manchin’s blocking bid is no shock, say disgruntled West Virginia Democrats

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West Virginia senator Joe Manchin has emerged as one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the passing of Joe Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda, declaring he will vote against a key voting rights bill and also blocking r...

Democrats could still salvage Build Back Better – and perhaps their midterm prospects

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Democrats were already facing a bleak landscape for this year’s midterm elections, with Joe Biden’s approval rating languishing in the low 40s and his party holding narrow majorities in both the House and the Senate. ...

How Democrats can use Biden’s $1.9tn Covid relief to win the midterms

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Just days after signing the $1.9tn coronavirus relief package into law, Joe Biden was on the road selling the benefits of the bill to the American people – and also to his own party’s political prospects. The presiden...

Texas Democrats thwart voting restrictions bill

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Good morning. Texas Democrats have fled the state in an escalation of one of the most high-stakes battles over voting rights in the US. In flying to Washington DC, they once again deny Republicans the required two-th...

Democrats unveil new billionaires’ tax plan to help pay for Biden agenda

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Senate Democrats on Wednesday unveiled a new billionaires’ tax proposal, an entirely new entry in the tax code designed to help pay for Joe Biden’s sweeping domestic policy package and edge his party closer to an over...

Texas Democrats’ late-night walkout scuppers Republican efforts to restrict voting rights

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Texas Republicans have failed in their efforts to push through one of the most restrictive voting measures in the US after Democrats walked out of the House at the last minute, leaving the bill languishing ahead of a ...

Democrats’ divisions could still derail infrastructure bills

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Joe Biden’s economic vision has taken a major step toward becoming reality after the US Senate passed two infrastructure measures, but widening political divisions within the Democratic party could yet derail the enti...

Democrats ‘thank God’ for infrastructure win after state election warnings

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Voters in Virginia and New Jersey this week sounded a serious warning to Democrats, key players in the Biden administration and Congress said on Sunday: the party needs to get things done or it faces disaster in midte...

Democrats’ domestic agenda faces setbacks by Republican obstructionism

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Joe Biden’s far-reaching domestic agenda in the US is facing serious setbacks on a range of issues as the political quagmire of a tightly contested Senate is seeing Democratic ambitions sharply curtailed in the face o...

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