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Sinema says no to filibuster reform and scuttles Democrats’ voting rights hopes

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Kyrsten Sinema publicly and bluntly reaffirmed she would not support any change to the filibuster rules on Thursday, effectively killing her party’s hope of passing the most sweeping voting rights protections in a gen...

Democrats could still salvage Build Back Better – and perhaps their midterm prospects

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Democrats were already facing a bleak landscape for this year’s midterm elections, with Joe Biden’s approval rating languishing in the low 40s and his party holding narrow majorities in both the House and the Senate. ...

Democrats bid to change Senate rules if Republicans thwart voting rights reform

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Democrats are seizing on this week’s anniversary of the deadly US Capitol riot to renew a push for voting rights legislation to safeguard democracy. Majority leader Chuck Schumer announced on Monday that the Senate w...

Over 91% Democrats vaccinated, while only 60% Republicans have taken one shot, data reveals

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New data analysis has revealed that if US Democratic voters were to make up their own country, it would have one of the world’s most vaccinated populations, with over 91% of adults having received at least one shot. ...

This tax loophole costs $180bn a decade. Why won’t Democrats close it?

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Anyone remember the “carried interest” loophole that lets hedge fund executives and private equity managers – among the wealthiest people in America – pay a tax rate no higher than most Americans? It’s a pure scam. Th...

Democrats need to admit that inflation is real – or voters will turn on them

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Inflation is rapidly becoming a problem for the Democratic party and President Joe Biden. They need to get a grip on it before it imperils their wider agenda and sinks their chances of keeping control of Congress in t...

‘Corporate’ Senate Democrats imperil the Build Back Better plan, says Tlaib

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“Corporate” Democrats in the Senate imperil Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act, a leading House progressive warned – but not just Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the targets of most leftwing ire. Such Democrats, Rashid...

Why are Democrats pushing tax breaks for the rich – and putting targets on their back?

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The last time Democrats held the presidency and Congress, the party spent its first year in power enriching big banks that had cratered the economy and then letting public money subsidize the Wall Street bonuses of th...

Democrats revive bid to tackle historic racial inequities in GI bill

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For Veterans Day, a group of Democratic lawmakers is reviving an effort to pay the families of Black service members who fought on behalf of the nation during the second world war for benefits they were denied or prev...

If Democrats return to centrism, they are doomed to lose against Trump

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Congress’s passage on Friday of Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill would ordinarily have been a cause for celebration. But there is a good chance it was the beginning of the end of his presidency. After all, the bill’s f...

Democrats ‘thank God’ for infrastructure win after state election warnings

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Voters in Virginia and New Jersey this week sounded a serious warning to Democrats, key players in the Biden administration and Congress said on Sunday: the party needs to get things done or it faces disaster in midte...

House Democrats expected to vote on Biden’s $1.75tn package after months of contention

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Democrats in the House are expected to vote on Joe Biden’s Build Back Better policy package, worth at least $1.75tn, as the White House hopes its last-minute lobbying and cajoling efforts on Capitol Hill bear fruit on...

Democrats push on Biden agenda as fresh fight breaks out over paid leave – live

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Majority leader Steny Hoyer says House may vote on bipartisan infrastructure bill and $1.75tn reconciliation package as soon as today• Giuliani investigators home in on 2019 plan to advance Ukraine interests

What does Democrats losing in Virginia mean for Biden? Our panel responds

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Ben Davis: ‘Democrats: pass your agenda now. You won’t have another chance’ Democrats have just lost an enormous amount of ground since dominating Virginia during the Trump era. The first and most important takeaway o...

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