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‘Finally doing right’: Democrats’ big bill offers Sanders chance to deliver

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When making the case for progressive policy, the veteran leftwing senator Bernie Sanders often cites public opinion. “Poll after poll,” he’ll say, before running through a list of ambitious initiatives that the “vast ...

Democrats blocking Biden’s agenda represent some of nation’s poorest

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Several of the leading Democrats in Congress who have stood in the way of Joe Biden’s $3.5tn budget package, which includes popular provisions widely expected to help working-class Americans, have taken that stance de...

Democrats brace for bruising October talks as Biden agenda stalls in Congress

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Warring factions of the Democratic party are bracing themselves for a potentially bruising month of negotiations over the two massive economic and social packages that have reached an impasse in Congress threatening t...

Democrats search for a path forward as key deadlines loom

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With the fate of Joe Biden’s domestic agenda on the line, Democrats searched furiously for a path forward after negotiations over a once-in-a-generation expansion of the social safety net neared collapse and a vote on...

Democrats barrel toward make-or-break vote as crucial 24 hours begins

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The next 24 hours will make clear whether Democrats are on the verge of pushing through a once-in-a-generation expansion of the social safety net or nearing a complete collapse of Joe Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda...

Republican: police reform failed because Democrats want to defund police

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The Republican senator Tim Scott has accused Democrats of collapsing talks on law enforcement reform because they want to defund the police. Speaking to CBS’s Face the Nation, Scott said: “We said simply this. ‘I’m no...

Democrats position themselves as last line of defense for abortion rights

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Standing on the lawn of the US Capitol, in clear view of the supreme court, a coalition of Democratic women declared Roe v Wade was no longer the law of the land. Nearly half a century after the court established the...

‘We couldn’t be more inconsistent’: discordant Democrats imperil Biden’s agenda

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cannot have been surprised that wearing a “Tax the Rich” dress to New York’s Met gala would trigger performative outrage from the right. But it also earned blowback from closer to home. Eric A...

House Democrats vote to establish federal right to abortion

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House Democrats voted on Friday to establish a federal right to abortion, moving swiftly to advance the measure after the supreme court declined to stop a Texas law effectively outlawing the procedure and as they awai...

Democrats seek to advance spending plans as government shutdown looms – live

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Leaders scrambling to get infrastructure bill and the $3.5tn spending plan to Biden’s desk while trying to avoid a shutdown and raise the debt ceiling

Raai wat die drie Demokrate wat laer medisynepryse blokkeer gemeen het?

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Die drie konserwatiewe Demokratiese wetgewers wat dreig om die wet op dwelmpryse van hul party dood te maak, het ongeveer $ 1,6 miljoen se veldtoggeld ingesamel van donateurs in die farmaseutiese en gesondheidsproduktebedryf. Een ...

California Democrats vow to change ‘weaponized’ recall system

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Hours after Gavin Newsom beat back a historic recall election that could have cost him his job, Democrats in California vowed to reform the system allowing a sitting governor to be challenged. The changes could includ...

Hoe die Demokrate eintlik hul nuwe stemregwet kan aanvaar

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Geseënde Donderdag, My posbus het Dinsdagoggend vinnig vol ondersteuningsverklarings geword nadat Demokrate die nuutste weergawe van 'n federale wetsontwerp onthul het wat die stemreg drasties sou uitbrei. Die rekening, die vryheid ...

Senate Democrats pitch new voting bill in effort to break filibuster logjam– live

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• Freedom to Vote Act includes wide-ranging reforms in compromise• Senator threatens to subpoena defense secretary over Afghan pullout

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