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Buitelandse vragmotorbestuurders sal toegelaat word om meer Britse aflewerings te maak

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Buitelandse vragmotorbestuurders sal 'n onbeperkte aantal op- en aflaaie in 'n vasgestelde tydperk in die VK kan maak ingevolge veranderings aan reëls wat deur die regering voorgestel is om tekorte aan produkte in die aanloop tot ...

BP rations petrol and diesel deliveries to its service stations

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BP is rationing deliveries of petrol and diesel to its UK network of 1,200 service stations, as the oil giant became the latest firm to warn that the national shortage of HGV drivers is disrupting its business. The Gu...

Yodel workers to strike, threatening M&S, Aldi and Very deliveries

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Delivery group Yodel is set to face strike action after 250 of its couriers voted to protest over pay and conditions, potentially adding to disruption caused by lorry driver shortages. The dispute, which could affect ...

Wetherspoon’s short on some beers as Brexit affects deliveries

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The pub chain Wetherspoon’s is experiencing shortages of some beer brands, including Carling, Coors and Heineken, amid a Brexit-induced shortage of delivery drivers and industrial action. Parent company JD Wetherspoon...

From a villa of bees to a £7 onion: online deliveries take a strange turn

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Most online deliveries do not come with a health warning from the delivery driver but David Smith received one from a relieved courier who, on handing over Smith’s buzzing box, suggested the bees inside were “a bit an...

Home deliveries: tell us about the most unusual things you have ordered

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Food and grocery delivery services like Deliveroo, Just Eat, Getir, Weezy and Gorillas have become ever more popular during the pandemic. We would like to hear about the most unusual thing you have ordered. Perhaps it...

‘We are democratising the right to laziness’: the rise of on-demand grocery deliveries

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One Friday afternoon in May, Glenn Cobane, 40, who lives with his wife and two cats in Salford, did some grocery shopping: a loaf of bread, bananas, an avocado, cat food, chocolate brownies and some cans of beer. Rath...

Ocado looks to ‘kerb-to-kitchen’ robot deliveries in £10m Oxbotica deal

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Ocado has invested £10m in a self-driving vehicles company to drive its ambition to make autonomous grocery deliveries and develop “kerb-to-kitchen robots” to drop off shopping in homes. The online grocer, which has p...

Blow to US vaccination campaign as J&J ‘one-shot’ vaccine deliveries plummet

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US deliveries of the “one-shot” Johnson and Johnson vaccine are set to drop by 85% next week, in a setback to the government’s vaccination campaign. The Biden administration has allocated just 700,000 J&J doses t...