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Delaying Brexit border checks on food won’t prevent shortages, UK firms warn

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British business leaders have urged the government not to delay the next phase of Brexit border checks on imports from the EU on food products, amid mounting pressure on supermarket supplies in the run-up to Christmas...

Nurse shortage ‘delaying treatment for 21% of UK cancer patients’

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Meer as 600,000 cancer patients in the UK are facing treatment delays or missing out on vital support because of a shortage of specialist nurses, a report reveals. One in five of all those living with cancer (21%) a ...

Covid impact forces Sunak to consider delaying budget until next year

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Rishi Sunak is considering pushing the budget into next year so the Treasury can weigh up the economic impact of ending the furlough scheme and the third wave of the pandemic over the coming months. The chancellor is ...

EU warns anyone judged to be delaying Libya elections will risk sanctions

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The EU has warned that anyone judged to be delaying elections in Libya beyond the planned date of 24 December will be at risk of sanctions, ahead of a major meeting of foreign ministers intended to tighten the screw o...

The Guardian view on delaying lockdown easing: sadly unavoidable

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Since February, when Boris Johnson unveiled a four-step roadmap to ending all Covid restrictions in England, progress has been steady and at times relatively serene compared with the periods of abject confusion and ch...

Delaying England’s Covid reopening ‘could keep thousands out of hospital’

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Ministers have been told that a four-week delay to easing all Covid restrictions would probably prevent thousands of hospitalisations, as Boris Johnson prepares to tell the English public they will have to wait up to ...

Coronavirus regstreeks: G7 calls for expert-led study on origins of Covid; England considers delaying lifting restrictions

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Follow the latest updates on the pandemic in the UK and across the world

As u die tweede dosisse van Covid-entstof vertraag, kan dit lewens red, studie bevind

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Die uitstel van die tweede dosis Pfizer / BioNTech of Moderna-entstowwe soos die Verenigde Koninkryk gedoen het, kan lewens red, volgens 'n Amerikaanse modelstudie wat daarop dui dat ander lande wat sukkel om hul bevolking te immuniseer, meer kan wees ...

Boris Johnson onder skoot omdat hy Covid se openbare ondersoek vertraag het tot 2022

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Boris Johnson het onder kenners en bedroefde gesinne onder skoot gekom omdat hy tot die lente vertraag het 2022 die pas aangekondigde openbare ondersoek na die regering se hantering van die koronavirus-pandemie. Werk sal nou begin ...

Delaying England’s winter lockdown ’caused up to 27,000 extra Covid deaths

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Delaying the winter lockdown caused up to 27,000 extra deaths in England, the Resolution Foundation thinktank has claimed as it accused the government of a “huge mistake” which should be central to any public inquiry ...