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Behind Nato’s defensive ‘shield’ lies weakness and division. Ukraine will pay the price

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A shield deters an enemy and signifies resolve. It is also something to hide behind, in order to avoid a fight. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation has been used for both purposes by U...

Defensive Starmer chokes at chance to own the curry

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At least no fridges were involved. El martes, it had been Boris Johnson who got the Good Morning Britain treatment. A tough, no-bullshit interview with Susanna Reid that had found The Convict shorter than usual on co...

‘Insufficient and very defensive’: how Nick Clegg became the fall guy for Facebook’s failures

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El domingo, Nick Clegg did a succession of interviews with some of the US’s biggest TV news shows. In his role as Facebook’s vice-president for global affairs and communications, he was defending his company after week...