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Crisis de la cadena de suministro: venta minorista, Las empresas alimentarias y de defensa predicen mayores daños

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Empresas de retail, alimentos y defensa han advertido de un mayor daño por los problemas de la cadena de suministro que han acosado a la industria durante la interrupción de la pandemia de coronavirus y el Brexit. Meses de retrasos en el envío tienen una causa..

US condemns China for ‘provocative’ aircraft sorties into Taiwan defence zone

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The United States has condemned China for “provocative” and “destabilising” military activity after Chinese fighter jets and bombers made their largest-ever incursions into Taiwan’s air defence zone. “The United State...

Chinese planes fly over Taiwan defence zone in second day of record show of force

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China has for the second day in a row flown more than 30 military planes towards Taiwan in yet another record show of force. Taiwan’s defence ministry said 39 aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone ...

Greece to buy French warships in multibillion-euro defence deal

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Greece and France have signed a multibillion-euro military agreement, a deal hailed by the leaders of both countries as a bold first step towards deeper military cooperation on the continent. Barely two weeks after th...

Furious French defence contractor to seek compensation over Aukus deal

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Australia has signed up to an empty promise by agreeing to a US nuclear powered submarine deal for which there is no clear delivery date or technology transfer agreement, the furious head of the French defence contrac...

Second line of defence: Taiwan’s civilians train to resist invasion

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On a quiet workday morning last week, air raid sirens rang out across Taiwan. The eerie wailing horn would be the first warning to the island’s 23.5 million residents of an incoming attack by their neighbour across th...

UK-France defence summit cancelled in Aukus row

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A Franco-British defence ministers’ summit due to take place this week has been cancelled as Paris steps up its protests over the loss of a £48bn submarine contract with Australia and its secret replacement with nucle...

Morrison expects US to ramp up military presence in region as China slams ‘irresponsible’ defence pact

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Scott Morrison has said he expects the US to increase its military presence in the Indo-Pacific, as China warned Australia would end up “hurting” itself with its decision to acquire nuclear-powered submarines. Beijing...

Australia burying ‘head in the sand’ on security risks of climate change, former defence official says

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Australia has its “head in the sand” regarding the national security implications of climate change and should follow the US in spelling out the risks, a former senior Australian defence official says. Australia’s “st...

Why takeovers, rather than arms, may be the talk of UK defence fair

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Defence industry bosses have missed out on a year’s worth of hobnobbing with customers at trade fairs like the Farnborough and Paris air shows, but will have the chance to make up for lost time this week when Europe’s...

Adam Jones quiere que los Arlequines monten una defensa del título de capa y espada

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En un verano deportivo que abarrotó los Juegos Olímpicos, Euro 2020 y un británico & Tour de los leones irlandeses, Quizás el emocionante clímax de la Premiership de la temporada pasada se pasó por alto un poco. Arlequines recuperados de 28-0 D...

Australia’s move to share defence technology with US fans concerns over weapons’ ultimate use

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Fears about Australian military technology ending up in the wrong hands have been reignited by moves to share more defence technology with the United States. Australia is aiming to become a top 10 exporter of defence ...

‘Everybody got it wrong’ on Taliban strategy, says UK defence chief

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Britain’s most senior military officer, Gen Sir Nick Carter, has hit back at suggestions from the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, that intelligence was flawed about the strength of the Taliban. Significant tensions h...

Dominic Raab hits back at defence secretary’s Afghanistan remarks

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Dominic Raab has hit back at his cabinet colleague Ben Wallace’s assertion that he knew the “game was up” in Afghanistan by July, escalating the tensions over intelligence failures between the Foreign Office and the M...

UK defence secretary suggests US is no longer a superpower

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Ben Wallace, Britain’s defence secretary, suggested the US could no longer be considered a superpower in an interview where he also contrasted his department’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis with that of the embat...

UK defence secretary hits out at supporters of animal rescuer in Kabul

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The UK defence secretary has accused supporters of a former British marine attempting to evacuate his shelter animals and staff from Kabul of trying to interfere with the rescue attempt of desperate Afghans. Ben Walla...

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