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Australia wants deeper energy ties to help Taiwan decarbonise, amid China tensions

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The Australian government says it wants to help Taiwan decarbonise its economy, flagging this as the next area of cooperation with the democratically ruled island, amid ongoing tensions with China. The trade minister,...

Blame-shifting over US withdrawal ignores deeper failings in Afghanistan

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The deeply partisan US Congress is rarely a conducive place for national introspection and Tuesday’s Senate hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal did not provide an exception. In the midst of the point-scoring and bla...

Was ESPN scammed by a fake high school? The real scandal goes much deeper

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Back when I was a speedy but numb-footed backup striker on the St Ignatius varsity team, media exposure meant the Chicago Tribune occasionally printing our score in their sports pages – major ink for a striving school...

Underground review – mine explosion disaster film digs deeper than most

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Here is an arthouse disaster movie from Quebec: a naturalistic, character-driven drama about what it might truly look like if a mineral mine exploded, trapping five workers underground. It’s the second feature from Fr...

Scott Morrison digs in against deeper cuts to emissions ahead of G7 summit

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Scott Morrison is resisting international pressure to lock in more ambitious climate commitments, declaring Australia opposes setting targets for certain parts of the economy or “false deadlines for phasing out specif...