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Mystery of the environmental triggers for cancer deepens

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Scientists will have to rethink how environmental triggers allow tumours to form and develop, one of Britain’s leading cancer experts warned last week. Michael Stratton, director of the Wellcome Sanger Institute, said...

Jo Coates and Sara Symington leave UK Athletics roles as crisis deepens

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British Athletics lurched into yet another crisis on Thursday night after its chief executive, Jo Coates, and performance director, Sara Symington, resigned after a fiery board meeting on Wednesday. Coates, whose reig...

'Gee my 'n kombi': Johnson verdiep die kloof met Frankryk oor die verdedigingsooreenkoms

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Boris Johnson het die breuk met Parys heropen oor die Aukus -verdedigings- en veiligheidsooreenkoms, spoor die Franse aan om 'hieroor kennis te neem en donnez-moi un break', nadat hy en Joe Biden die verdieping van die ooreenkoms bespreek het. T ...

Thailand’s hospitals under pressure as Covid crisis deepens

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Thailand’s worsening Covid outbreak is placing intense pressure on hospitals, forcing doctors to treat patients in parking lots and turn away people who are severely ill. The country was widely praised for its Covid r...

As the climate crisis deepens the UK’s attitude to summer begins to shift

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Beware summer! The season we used to anticipate as the lightest, brightest, balmiest time of the year now comes with a health warning. For the first time in the UK, the Met Office issued an extreme heat advisory this ...

Struggling for work and food, Indonesia’s poorest suffer as Covid crisis deepens

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Usually every Eid al-Adha, Riki Priyanto’s father would bring home goat or beef from the nearby mosque. The meat had been donated by devotees and distributed to the poor, like Riki’s family, to celebrate the Islamic d...

Muslims across Indonesia mark grim Eid al-Adha as Covid crisis deepens

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Muslims across Indonesia marked a grim Eid al-Adha festival for a second year on Tuesday as the country struggles to cope with a devastating new wave of coronavirus cases. Indonesia is now Asia’s Covid-19 hot spot wit...

Aaron Rodgers’ rift with Packers deepens as QB skips mandatory training camp

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Aaron Rodgers wasn’t with the Green Bay Packers for their first mandatory minicamp session Tuesday, the latest chapter in the standoff between the team and their MVP quarterback. Rodgers also hadn’t participated in th...

Brexi: Eustice val 'n onsinnige 'verbod op die verkoop van worsies aan soos die roei met die EU oor Noord-Ierland se protokol verdiep - regstreeks

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Nuutste opdaterings: minister stel voor dat die VSA moontlik met die Verenigde Koninkryk sal saamstaan ​​oor die Noord-Ierland-protokol as die kwessie op die G7-beraad ter sprake kom

Covid-19: India’s hospital crisis deepens, Tokyo goes under state of emergency

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Hospitals in India have launched desperate appeals for oxygen as the Covid crisis spiralled, while Japan issued a state of emergency in some areas just three months before the Olympics are due to open. With government...

Mario Lemina deepens Liverpool’s gloom with vital winner for Fulham

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The only consolation for Liverpool at the end of yet another Anfield defeat is that their next official home game takes place in Hungary. On Merseyside the Premier League champions have entered uncharted waters, and n...