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Geen, Biden has not declared war on meat. But maybe that’s what the world needs

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It looks as if the right are giving themselves heartburn to own the libs. Over the weekend, some prominent US conservatives shared pictures of themselves eating enormous slabs of meat in response to fabricated claims ...

Elon Musk declared himself ‘technoking’. He’s just a hyper-capitalist clown

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Elon Musk has declared himself Technoking of Tesla. It’s a fitting title for a man with feudal aspirations. He already has a history of poor labor practices, and generally displays a vast amount of hubris relative to ...

Five missing as German chemical park blast declared ‘extreme threat’

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An explosion at an industrial park for chemical companies has shaken the German city of Leverkusen, sending a large black cloud into the air. Several people were injured and five remain missing. Germany’s federal offi...

Australia coronavirus live: two Melbourne cases declared false positives ahead of national cabinet

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Prime minister Scott Morrison to meet with premiers on Friday to discuss Covid response

Guinea Ebola outbreak declared over by WHO

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An Ebola outbreak in Guinea that started in February, infecting 16 people and killing 12, has been declared over, the World Health Organization (WHO) gesê het. Health authorities were able to move swiftly to tackle th...

Max Verstappen declared winner of farcical Belgian GP as rain plays havoc

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Formula One completed the shortest race in the sport’s history at the Belgian Grand Prix. After just three laps and eight minutes, all behind the safety car at Spa-Francorchamps, Max Verstappen was declared the winner...

Liverpool hospital attack declared act of terror as man killed in blast is named

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A suspected suicide bomber blew himself up with a homemade device outside a maternity hospital in Liverpool, forcing the national terror threat level to be raised for the first time in months amid fears of another pot...

Beeldmateriaal toon 'n lae watermerk by die grootste reservoir in die VSA, soos die tekort verklaar het - video

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Amptenare het 'n ernstige watertekort by Lake Mead verklaar, die grootste reservoir van die VSA, wat aansienlike waterbesnoeiings in Arizona en ander westelike state veroorsaak het.Die Amerikaanse Buro vir Herwinning se eerste verklaring ooit van 'n ...

Hamas to be declared terrorist organisation and supporting it unlawful

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Supporters of Hamas could face up to 10 years in jail under plans to be announced on Friday by Priti Patel. The home secretary said the organisation will be proscribed by the government under the Terrorism Act. It mea...