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UK and Germany sign post-Brexit defence and foreign policy declaration

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The UK and Germany have agreed a 20-point post-Brexit joint declaration of cooperation affirming their commitment to the “strategic unity of Europe”. The initiative, which has been under preparation for some time, com...

Tigray rebels vow to drive out ‘enemies’ despite ceasefire declaration

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Dissident leaders of Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray have dismissed a government ceasefire declaration and vowed to drive out “enemies” from the region, after rebel fighters advanced on the Tigrayan capital. In a dramatic d...

G7: leaders to sign landmark global health declaration to stop future pandemicslive updates

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Leaders of the G7 industrialised countries are meeting in Cornwall this weekend to discuss vaccines, the pandemic recovery and the climate crisis

Hong Kong: UK accuses China of breaching joint declaration

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Dominic Raab has accused China of breaching the legal deal over the governance of Hong Kong, amid criticisms of Beijing’s attempts to tighten its control over the territory. In a major escalation of diplomatic tension...