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Gary Cahill: ‘To jump away from the Premier League was a tough decision’

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“I saw a stat the other day on Twitter that said I was up there on ‘minutes played in the Premier League’,” Gary Cahill says. It is a throwaway remark as he reflects on a career that has seen him lift the biggest trop...

Met decision to drop Prince Andrew inquiry ‘no surprise’, says ally

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The Metropolitan police’s decision to take no further action over Virginia Giuffre’s allegations of sexual assault against Prince Andrew “comes as no surprise”, a source close to the royal has said. The force said on ...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -strategie in 'oorgang', Sê Ardern, Auckland wag op 'n beslissing oor toesluit

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Die uitskakelingstrategie van Covid-19 in Nieu-Seeland ondergaan 'n "oorgang", die premier, Jacinda Ardern, gesê het, dit was die eerste keer dat die regering 'n dreigende wegbeweeg van die ambisieuse app aandui..

Samantha Bee brands supreme court ‘gutless monsters’ for Texas abortion decision

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Samantha Bee tore into the new abortion law in Texas, the most restrictive in the nation, on Wednesday evening – a week after the supreme court, in a midnight 5-4 besluit, refused to block the measure which bars abor...

Australiese Covid nuus lewendige opdatering: NSW staar honderde sterftes in die weste van Sydney in die gesig, die plaaslike Victoria wag op 'n beslissing oor die inperking

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Aanbidders ignoreer koronavirusbeperkings in die sinagoge van Melbourne, terwyl Daniel Andrews meer entstofdosisse eis om die 'geheime' Sydney -ooreenkoms op te maak

Jaguars’ Meyer admits vaccine status affected decision to cut players

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The NFL Players Association has launched an investigation following Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer’s admission that vaccination status factored into the team’s roster decisions. NFLPA spokesman George Atallah ...

‘I take responsibility for the decision’: Biden on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan – video

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In a statement to the nation Joe Biden claimed that the US was ready for 'every eventuality' in its planned withdrawal from Afghanistan while taking responsibility for the execution of the abrupt, deadly and chaotic d...

UK and US took ‘joint decision’ to keep Kabul airport gate open

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The UK and the US took a “joint decision” to keep Kabul airport’s Abbey Gate open last Thursday, British sources have said, despite what turned out to be a prophetic warning that a terror attack by Islamic State Khora...

To vaccinate children or not? Getting decision right is far from child’s play

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It is a mantra heard less often these days, that the government will “follow the science” over Covid, and for good reason. As current uncertainty over the UK’s vaccine programme shows, there are times when science and...

George Eustice defends decision to cull alpaca Geronimo as ‘arduous but necessary’

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Environment secretary George Eustice said it is an “arduous but necessary endeavour” to cull animals that test positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB), as he defended the decision to put down Geronimo the alpaca. Helen...

Ollie Pope says Ben Stokes decision shows how mentally tough elite sport is

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Ollie Pope says the withdrawal of Ben Stokes for the Test series against India is a reminder of how mentally tough the demands of playing international sport are during a pandemic. Stokes, England’s Test vice-captain ...

Israel supreme court decision expected on Sheikh Jarrah evictions

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Israel’s supreme court is due to make a decision on whether to evict Palestinian families from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in a final hearing in the controversial case that helped spark communal...

UK coronavirus live: 1 in 65 in England and Northern Ireland had Covid last week as Shapps defends France decision

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Nuutste opdaterings: latest ONS figures suggest rise in cases; Delta variant is ‘an issue’ in northern France, transport secretary says

France attacks decision to keep it on England’s ‘amber plus’ list

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England’s decision to keep stricter quarantine measures in place for fully vaccinated travellers coming from France has been branded discriminatory and illogical by the country’s Europe minister. Clément Beaune critic...

‘United in our decision’ – Team GB footballers to take knee at Olympics

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The Team GB women’s football team have confirmed they will take a knee ahead of kick-off during the Tokyo Olympics and selected three captains – one from England, Wales and Scotland each – for the tournament. With the...

Australia Covid update: NSW rekords 18 new cases as Sydney lockdown decision looms

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New South Wales has recorded another 18 locally acquired Covid cases, as premier Gladys Berejiklian said she would wait another day before announcing whether the greater Sydney lockdown would be extended. Die premier ...

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