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‘I imagine the children we might have had’: deciding what to do with my late husband’s frozen sperm

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It’s the hottest week of the year and I am sitting in a windowless room on the lower ground floor of London’s University College Hospital discussing the precise temperature of frozen sperm. At -196C, these glacial swi...

Nuno will factor in turmoil before deciding if Kane faces Manchester City

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Nuno Espírito Santo has suggested he will factor in the turmoil that Harry Kane is experiencing before deciding whether to name him on Sunday in the squad to face Manchester City – the club that the Tottenham striker ...

Angelina Jolie criticizes judge deciding custody arrangements with Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie has criticized the California judge deciding on custody arrangements for her and Brad Pitt’s children, saying in a court filing that the judge has refused to allow their children to testify. Jolie, OMS ...