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When did I decide to stop living in denial? While lying on a plane gangway during a panic attack

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It is hard to pinpoint the worst moment of your life. But when I think about my lowest ebb, a certain image begins to solidify: me, lying in the gangway of a plane, the cabin crew administering oxygen via a canister a...

The hard truth for Labour: it’s the Tories who will decide Boris Johnson’s fate

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It is natural that people who campaign for a political party and identify with its history treat its traditions with a certain reverence. It is also a pattern in British politics that effective party leaders – the one...

The Guardian editorial: how does a newspaper decide what it thinks?

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A newspaper’s views evolve but its leader columns represent a palimpsest of its history, where layer upon layer of thought has been inscribed. So how does a publication such as the Guardian come to decide what it thin...

Australië nuus regstreeks: Djokovic trains on centre court as supporters take to Melbourne streets; Morrison government yet to decide on visa cancellation

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Tennis star attends midnight training session at Rod Laver Arena as police called amid wild scenes in Melbourne; immigration minister threatens to revoke entry visa for a second time. Volg al die nuus van die dag regstreeks

Hoe besluit u watter sokkerspan u as neutraal sal ondersteun??

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Vir my, 11 Julie 2021 sal in die geskiedenis opgaan. Nie as die datum van die Engelse mans se voetbalspan se eerste groot eindstryd sedertdien nie 1966, maar die eerste keer as volwassene het ek Engeland ondersteun in 'n groot toernooi. Sedert 1980, Ek ...

Tammy Abraham free to decide Chelsea future as Lukaku transfer nears

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Thomas Tuchel has suggested it will be Tammy Abraham’s decision whether to stay and battle for a starting place at Chelsea after the imminent arrival of Romelu Lukaku. With the Belgian’s return to Stamford Bridge edgi...

Double-jabbed US and EU travellers can avoid England quarantine, ministers decide

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Double-vaccinated travellers from the US and most of Europe will have their jab status recognised, meaning they can avoid quarantine when arriving in England. The Guardian revealed on Tuesday that the government was p...

Vertel ons: has the pandemic made you decide to quit your job or work less?

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Has the Covid pandemic made you realise there’s more to life than the daily grind? Have you actively cut back your hours at work, or switched to a less lucrative, but lower-stress career, to make more time for family,...

Manchester United board decide to sack Solskjær at emergency meeting

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Manchester United’s board decided to sack Ole Gunnar Solskjær at an emergency meeting on Saturday night and Joel Glazer, the co-chairman who heads the American family’s ownership, has agreed to rubber-stamp the move. ...

West to decide on Iran censure after damning UN nuclear watchdog report

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European powers and the US will decide on Friday whether to censure Iran in response to a damning report by the UN nuclear inspectorate the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) showing that the new hardline gover...

Scotland at the crossroads: the vote that will decide the fate of the union

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Eilidh Hamilton has signed three separate petitions calling for her local MP to stand down, but she won’t be voting in this week’s Scottish parliament elections. “It’s like getting back to football matches or going on...

In-form Barça and Real Madrid up for clásico that could decide La Liga

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Hello again. If there was a moment in which Joan Laporta’s return to the presidency of Barcelona started to feel real, it was probably the morning of 15 December when a giant banner was put up that covered the facade ...

A small Islamist party could decide Benjamin Netanyahu’s fate

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He built a hugely successful career scaremongering among Israelis about politicians from the country’s Arab minority presenting a threat from the inside. Nou, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rhetoric might have come back to haun...

The Guardian view on the future of high streets: let communities decide

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One of the pleasures of post-lockdown life has been the chance to go back to familiar businesses and high street shops, putting some much-needed cash into tills. Though often hit by the long-term shift to online retai...

Is Piers Morgan Marmite? Susanna Reid can’t decide

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You are not supposed to be able to avoid having an opinion about Piers Morgan, and on the first edition of Good Morning Britain after his exciting departure, the references to Marmite were thick and gloopy. “Unique is...